How to care for Radermachera sinica

Written by Maggie

Dec 25 2020

How to care for Radermachera sinica

Radermachera Sinica is a kind of leaf-viewing plant that is easy to cultivate. If not properly maintained, it may cause problems such as yellowing of the leaves, leaves falling greatly affecting its appreciation value. So how to care for it when the Radermachera sinica leaves turn yellow or fall? Hope the following is helpful to you.

Radermachera Sinica

How to care for Radermachera Sinica leaf yellowing

1. Metabolism: When radermachera sinica grows all the time, there will be the phenomenon of withered and yellow leaves;

Treatment method: The normal phenomenon of this situation, directly cutting the yellow leaves, and it does not need special curing.

2. Rootless: If your radermachera sinica was just bought, maybe it was Radermachera sinica without a root. Just buy it when you sawing it off and put it in a pot (this is often the case with flowers bought by mobile vendors);

How to deal with it: It can be handled according to the actual situation, returning or resettled Radermachera Sinica for it to germinate new roots.

3. Environmental mutation: Due to environmental mutation, the temperature, humidity and light suddenly change too much, or the root is damaged and slow seedlings need to be replaced, resulting in yellow leaves;

Solution: There is no need to rush this situation. You can take steps to reduce the degree of change in the environment and wait for Radermachera Sinica to adapt.

4. Improper watering: Too much watering, root respiratory arrest and even rot, affect absorption, resulting in a large number of yellow leaves;

Treatment: Pay attention to watering, look at the topsoil, do not wait for the soil to dry before watering. Water thoroughly, do not have a long-term fixed frequency.

5. Air drying: Poor ventilation in the room leads to drying, and leaf tip will be withered and yellow;

Treatment methods: To increase indoor ventilation, and also apply appropriate water spraying to increase indoor humidity.

6. Insufficient light: Maybe the plant in the environment is too dark, insufficient light.

Solution: Give Radermachera Sinica plenty of sun, but avoid exposure.

7. Too much fertilizer: The amount of fertilizer is too much, or apply organic fertilizer.

Treatment method: At this time you can give basin soil water dilution fertility, but be careful not to shine into water phenomenon.

Radermachera Sinica

How to care for Radermachera Sinica leaves falling

1. Temperature: The leaves of Radermachera Sinica will fall if the temperature is too high or too low. At this time, spray water to cool down or keep warm according to the actual situation.

2. Reason of illumination: Due to exposure to sunlight or absence of sunlight, shade can be taken or appropriate scattered light can be given.

3. Water reason: Too much watering or insufficient watering will also cause the leaves to fall. At this time, water appropriately,  watering thoroughly.

4. Soil reason: If the soil is not loosened regularly, so as to cause the leaves to fall due to soil hypoxia, the soil should be loosened once a month in the growing season to ensure that the roots are always in a transparent and good state.

5. Fertilizer reasons: Inappropriate fertilizer will cause the leaves to fall. We should adhere to the principle of thin fertilizer applied more, and stop fertilization in winter.

Warm notice

Radermachera Sinica likes high temperature, wet, sunny environments, high temperature resistance, fear of cold, wet. Loose and fertile loam with good drainage and rich in organic matter and sandy loam should be used for cultivation. I believe your Radermachera Sinica will grow better and you’ll be happier as long as your pay attention to its growing habits and care for it.

Radermachera Sinica