How to care for Acorus gramineus

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

How to care for Acorus gramineus

Perhaps some people are not familiar with Acorus gramineus. It is also called Acorus gramineus. It belongs to the family Acorus gramineus, and is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Its medicinal value lies in its roots. The appearance of Acorus gramineus is beautiful and the value of appreciation is also high. Many Acorus gramineus are planted in the park, and now most of them are potted. Follow me to see how to care for Acorus Gramineus.

Acorus gramineus

1.Environment for Acorus gramineus

Acorus gramineus loves to grow in a cool, moist place. Most wild things grow in streams and swamps. So when we plant it, we have to look at its growth habits to choose the place to plant it. The main thing is that you want to grow in places with good water, like swamps and wetter places, and that's the best way to grow. 

2. Avoid sun for Acorus gramineus

In fact, Acorus Gramineus is very shade tolerant. So it’s afraid of the sun. So we should pay attention to the light when we plant it. If you plant it in a sunny spot, prepare it for shade. It just needs a little bit of astigmatism, which makes it grow better. Be sure not to let Acorus Gramineus shine strongly, or you will burn the leaves and it will be hard for it to grow.

3. Temperature for Acorus Gramineus

Acorus Gramineus also has some temperature requirements. Although it likes to be cool, we can't plant it below five degrees, which can cause frostbite on its plants. But Acorus Gramineus is also afraid of high temperatures and cannot be grown above 27 degrees. The temperature difference suitable for its growth is between ten and nineteen degrees. We can use modern planting techniques to adjust the temperature of it, to give it the right temperature for its growing environment, so that it will grow better.

Acorus gramineus

4. Field management of Acorus Gramineus

After planting Acorus Gramineus, if we want to improve its results, we must do a good job of field management. It must be colonized according to the density of science. Don't plant too much or the field will become poorly ventilated, which will affect the growth of Acorus Gramineus. We need to keep the density and the distance between the plants.

5. Water for Acorus gramineus

The above also says Acorus Gramineus, which is very fond of a humid environment to grow. So it also requires water. When we plant Acorus Gramineus, the soil inside it should be watered, the soil moisture should be about 19 percent, and then we should water it once every three days. When Acorus Gramineus requires less water, it is easy to fertilize it later. It is not necessary to apply too much fertilizer to Acorus gramineus in the process of its growth. It is enough to fertilize it once within 15 days, and do not fertilize it at other times. Besides Acorus Gramineus is not growing well, we can give it a proper amount of fertilizer. For example, when we find it has yellow leaves, we will apply some fertilizer to it.

Acorus gramineus