Effects and roles of Common water-plantain

Written by Maggie

Dec 22 2020

Effects and roles of Common water-plantain

Common water-plantain, so named because it grows on the edge of swamps, is both a plant and a drug, used in the roots. The following are the effects and roles of Common Water-Plantain.

Common Water-Plantain

The effects of Common Water-Plantain

1.Clean damp

Common water-Plantain is born in the watery place and stems straight upward, so it must be beneficial to the water cleaning. Common water-plantain, a commonly used Chinese medicine for clearing damp, has a good therapeutic effect on adverse urination, edema, dysentery and heat shower, etc., and can also improve symptoms such as vomiting, phlegm, beriberi and blood in urine. For example, some people will hear the sound of water in their stomach when they are doing great movements. At this time, they can use Common Water-Plantain combined with atractylodes for recuperation. Urination is not smooth, urethra has when the circumstance of burning sensation, urination is painful.

2. Clean heat

Common Water-plantain is cold, which has a good heat-clearing effect for people with shade deficiency and high fire. There are many references to this in ancient Chinese medicine books. Common Water-Plantain can not only relieve the fire of the bladder, but also express the deficiency of the kidney through fire. For those who have urination pain, astringent urination pain, or even blood in the urine, as well as the symptoms such as semen and night sweats caused by the deficiency of the kidney Yin and the fire of Yin deficiency, they can take Common water-plantain appropriately to achieve the effect of heat clearing and drenching.

3. Reduce turbidity and reduce fat

Ancient books record that the Common water-plantain can remove the dirt and inner Water ruffian inside the bladder, which indicates its turbidification effect. After pharmacological experiments on the biological components of Common Water-Plantain, it was found that the related substances extracted by Common Water-Plantain greatly reduced the fat content in the liver. When the drug in Common Water-Plantain is introduced into the body, the amount of fat and cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are reduced. Therefore, for the prevention and treatment of fatty liver, as well as the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, Common Water-Plantain has a good curative effect.

The role of Common Water-Plantain

1. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory

In pharmacological experiments on mice with contact dermatitis, after being fed with Common Water-Plantain boiled Water, it was found that Common water-plantain produced antigen specificity in mice and effectively inhibited hypersensitivity in mice, indicating that Common water-plantain has good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. In addition, Common Water-Plantain also has certain inhibitory effects on other strains, such as mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus and diplococcus pneumoniae.

Common Water-Plantain

2. Lipid-lowering

In addition to the theory of turbidification and lipid-lowering in Traditional Chinese medicine, modern scientific studies have also found that the lipid-soluble parts of Common water-Plantain have been applied to experimental animals with high blood fat and cholesterol levels, and the results show that most of the components of Common water-plantain have obvious lipid-lowering effects. This discovery also opens up more opportunities for Common Water-Plantain to expand and apply in conditions such as hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.

3. Depressurization

After injections of Common Water-plantain extract in rabbits, it was found that it had a slow narrowing effect on the arteries. Common water-Plantain alcohol inhibits angiotensin-induced active arterial contraction even after dissection in rabbits in vitro. This proved that Common water-Plantain alcohol can relax blood vessels, increase blood flow to the coronary arteries, and reduce pressure on the ventricles, which could be of great help in hypertension and heart surgery.

4. Hypoglycemic

The hypoglycemic effect of Common Water-Plantain was not easily discovered at the beginning. Later, through subcutaneous intravenous injection of Common Water-Plantain extract into rabbits, the experimental results showed that the extract had a mild hypoglycemic effect on rabbits according to the drug concentration of 6 grams per kg. In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the hypoglycemic effects of Common Water-Plantain, the experimental group changed the intravenous injection to subcutaneous injection, and the results were completely different. Subcutaneous injection of Common Water-Plantain extract had no effect on blood glucose.

5. Diuresis

It is mentioned in ancient books that Common water-Plantain can treat the five drench and direct the Water channel, which indicates that Common water-Plantain has a good diuretic effect. After the relevant ingredients enter the human body, the urine volume increases significantly and the content of urea and chloride in the body decreases, especially for the patients with nephritis.

Common Water-Plantain