Why Are My Stromanthe Triostar Turning Yellow Leaves?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

Why Are My Stromanthe Triostar Turning Yellow Leaves?
When taking care of Stromanthe Triostar, many friends often encounter a phenomenon, that is, after buying Stromanthe Triostar potted plants home, the leaves often turn yellow in the later stage, and the plants rarely grow new leaves, which will lead to the scarcity of potted leaves. Today, I'd like to share the reasons for Stromanthe Triostar yellow leaves and rescue measures.

Causes of Yellow Leaves in Stromanthe Triostar

Strong Llight

Stromanthe Triostar is not resistant to sun exposure, especially in spring, summer and autumn. If we put stromanthe Triostar potted plants on a sunny balcony, even if they are exposed to direct sunlight, Stromanthe Triostar's leaves are prone to curl, yellow and dry.
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Low Temperature

When taking care of stromanthe triostar in winter, especially in the north, if the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, Stromanthe Triostar is very prone to frostbite. The first manifestation is that Stromanthe Triostar leaves are tender yellow and dry, and the leaves will dry up over time. This is because the temperature is too low.

Low Humidity

Stromanthe Triostar is a kind of plant that likes humidity. The humidity of family maintenance should reach 60%. If it is placed in a relatively dry environment for a long time, the new leaves will dry and the old leaves will be sharp.

Excessive Fertilization

When taking care of Stromanthe Triostar, if the fertilization is too thick or raw fertilizer is applied, it will cause root burning and cause the leaf tips of Stromanthe Triostar to turn yellow and dry. In the later stage, the fertilizer with thin concentration should be selected instead of thick fertilizer. Once the fertilization is too much, it needs to be watered immediately to dilute the fertilizer.

Root Rot

Soil discomfort and excessive watering can easily lead to the root rot of Stromanthe Triostar, which can not normally transport water and nutrients, resulting in the lack of nutrients in the leaves, which becomes dim and yellow and reduces the ornamental value. At this time, it needs to be removed from the pot, trimmed and repotted. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)
Why Are My Stromanthe Triostar Turning Yellow Leaves

How To Save Yellow Leaves Stromanthe Triostar?

Replenish Water

If the Stromanthe Triostar is short of water and yellow leaves appear, we should first trim all these yellow leaves, then water the flowerpot normally to keep the soil moist, and spray clean water on the leaves every 3 ~ 5 days or so in the later stage.

Shade Treatment

In summer, it should be noted that the leaves of Stromanthe Triostar are easily exposed to the sun and turn yellow. In this case, we must timely move the potted plants to a ventilated and cool place for planting. The Stromanthe Triostar curly leaves can not be trimmed, but we should trim all the dry and yellow leaves of Stromanthe Triostar and shade them in the later stage.

Temperature Adjustment

When caring for Stromanthe Triostar in winter, the plant is prone to frostbite, resulting in yellow leaves. Therefore, it is suggested that it should be moved to a warm room as soon as possible. The ambient temperature above 15 ° C is the best. When frostbite occurs, all frostbitten leaves should be trimmed in time, and the root system should be checked. If the root system is healthy, it can be maintained.


The growth rate of Stromanthe Triostar is relatively fast, and the root system is relatively vigorous and developed. If the pot and soil are not changed for a long time, and there is a lack of nutrients in the flower pot, Stromanthe Triostar yellow leaves will appear. The most obvious manifestation is that the new leaves are tender, yellow and soft. In this case, we can consider changing pots and soil for stromanthe triostar in spring and autumn, or sprinkle some slow-release fertilizer or organic fertilizer in the flower pot every two months.

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