Is Stromanthe Triostar Toxic To Cats?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

Is Stromanthe Triostar Toxic To Cats?
Stromanthe Triostar has no poison. Stromanthe Triostar is mainly made into potted plants for indoor decoration. It is an excellent indoor shade loving foliage plant for long-term viewing.
The whole plant of Stromanthe Triostar is about 1m, upright. Leaf blade long ovate or lanceolate. Stromanthe Triostar has dense branches and leaves, thick leathery, dark green and shiny leaf surface, light midvein and blood red back, which are in sharp contrast with the leaves and are very beautiful. Stromanthe Triostar has a purplish red back. Stromanthe Triostar likes to grow in a warm and humid climate and in a shady environment. The optimum temperature for the growth of Stromanthe Triostar is 20-30 ℃, which requires more water and is not resistant to drought. It is heat-resistant and slightly cold resistant. It can survive the winter safely above 5 ℃. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)
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Is Stromanthe Triostar Toxic To Cats

How Do you Protect Stromanthe Triostar From Your Pets?

  1. We can add protective barriers around Stromanthe Triostar. Put a wire mesh or net, or bury some health balls in the soil. Both allow Stromanthe Triostar to escape the cat's claws from harm.
  2. We can spray bitter agent on the leaves of Stromanthe Triostar. Cats won't bite these plants.
  3. We can spray some lemonade on the surface of Stromanthe Triostar. Cats hate the smell of lemonade. Therefore, spraying lemonade can also help plants escape cat claws.
  4. When the cat bites Stromanthe Triostar, the breeder should give severe punishment and punishment. If the cat doesn't change its teaching, you can punish it with a water spray gun. Slowly change the cat's habit of biting Stromanthe Triostar.
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