How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Brown Tips?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Brown Tips?
Stromanthe Triostar is a kind of foliage plant that likes to be warm and humid, avoids direct sunlight and prefers to grow in a dark environment. The health of its leaves directly affects its ornamental ability. Do you know what is the matter with the dry and brown tips of Stromanthe Triostar's leaves and what to do in case of this phenomenon? The most likely reason for the dry edge of Stromanthe Triostar's leaves is that the air humidity or temperature is too low. Due to its growth habits, it has high requirements for air humidity. If the air around Stromanthe Triostar is dry or the basin soil is dry, the leaves will be dry and scorched. If rescue measures are not taken in time, Stromanthe Triostar may die.


Stromanthe Triostar likes to maintain in a warm environment with high air humidity. If the blade of stromanthe Triostar has fallen a thick layer of dust, it is certain that we do not often spray water on the blade, which will lead to blockage of pores on the blade and stromanthe triostar Brown tips.
  • How To Fix?
If the blade tip is dry due to air humidity, we can wipe the blade regularly and use water spray to improve the air humidity. If it is troublesome to spray water, we can place a water storage container next to stromanthe triostar to increase the humidity around the flowerpot.


Because some friends often travel, there is sometimes no one at home for a long time. If the temperature rises day by day in summer and the room is not ventilated frequently, stromanthe triostar will be in a muggy state. Therefore, once the temperature rises to a temperature that stromanthe triostar can't bear, leaf Brown tips phenomenon will easily occur.
  • How To Fix?
If the leaves are dry and brown due to too high temperature and too strong light, we need to move the flowerpot to a cooler indoor position to maintain good ventilation effect, and then increase the air humidity around the flowerpot. We can also place hydroponic plants around stromanthe triosta flowers to increase the humidity, When the temperature rises, keep it for about 5 days. Water once and thoroughly once. The ventilation effect is good and there can be no muggy situation.
How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Brown Tip


If we don't open the window for ventilation for a long time, the indoor air circulation is poor. Coupled with the muggy temperature, if we don't find it in time, there will be stromanthe triostar brown tips and even death.
  • How To Fix?
Summer ventilation is the key to taking care of stromanthe triostar. Whenever summer comes, if you do not pay attention to indoor ventilation, there will be a muggy and dry environment. Therefore, no matter what kind of plants are maintained in summer, pay attention to the ventilation effect. Only with good ventilation effect and increased watering frequency, stromanthe triostar will not be stuffy and airtight. If the outdoor temperature rises during the day, we can choose to open the window to breathe indoors at night. If there is an indoor circulation system at home, it is best to open the air circulation regularly. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)


Brown tips on stromanthe triostar leaves may be sunburned by too strong light. It likes semi Yin environment. If it is exposed to strong light in summer, the leaves are easy to be burned and dry.
  • How To Fix?
We should move stromanthe triostar to a place without direct light as soon as possible, strengthen fertilizer and water management and make it recover faster. Especially in summer, not only the temperature is high, but also the sunlight is strongly stimulated. If it is not blocked during maintenance in summer, it is easy to get sunburn. We should keep appropriate light, provide bright astigmatism, and do a good job of shading in summer.

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