How Much Light Does Stromanthe Triostar Need?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

How Much Light Does Stromanthe Triostar Need?
Stromanthe Triostar needs medium to bright indirect light. Stromanthe Triostar likes semi shade and sufficient non direct light maintenance environment. It is not resistant to strong direct light. Too strong light can easily sunburn and scorch Stromanthe Triostar's leaves, and this damage is irreversible. Once Stromanthe Triostar's leaves are burned, they can only cut off the sunburned leaves, so as not to affect the overall appearance of Stromanthe Triostar.
Stromanthe Triostar does not have a high demand for light, which makes Stromanthe Triostar more suitable for indoor caring. After all, the place with the best indoor lighting is basically located on the balcony, but the demand for potted plants is almost all indoor. But this is not to say that Stromanthe Triostar doesn't need any sunshine at all. In particular, the bamboo taro in the seedling stage needs enough light to lay a good foundation. If it is too shaded in the later stage of growth, the phenomenon of Stromanthe Triostar lodging will also occur. However, it is strictly prohibited to expose and direct it at noon in summer. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)
How Much Light Does Stromanthe Triostar Need
In addition to maintaining proper light, it is also very important to replenish water to Stromanthe Triostar regularly. These potted plants cannot be short of water for a long time, but they cannot be watered frequently, because Stromanthe Triostar planted indoors will have less demand for water, because Stromanthe Triostar does not have much light and indoor ventilation will not be very good, In this way, their ability to absorb water will be weakened. If frequent watering leads to long-term moisture or even ponding in the soil, the plants will easily rot their roots.
In addition to regularly replenishing water and giving appropriate light, we should also pay attention to regularly cleaning Stromanthe Triostar leaves to avoid long-term residual dust on the leaves, otherwise it will affect Stromanthe Triostar's photosynthesis. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to cause Stromanthe Triostar's leaves to turn yellow and dry, which is usually cleaned once a week to two weeks.
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