How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Leaves Curling?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Leaves Curling?
The leaf curl of Stromanthe Triostar may be related to humidity, temperature, watering, light and other factors, but the leaf curl of Stromanthe Triostar may also be due to the dormancy of the plant, which is normal and need not be worried too much.

Normal Curl

The normal curling of stromanthe Triostar's leaves is in the completely dark environment at night or dormancy. For example, we usually keep stromanthe triostar in a bright place with appropriate indirect light during the day. At night, the environment becomes completely dark. At this time, Stromanthe Triostar's leaves will fall into dormancy and show a curly state, This is the rolled leaf of Stromanthe Triostar under normal growth. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)


Stromanthe Triostar's leaves curl, which is likely due to improper application of water. If Stromanthe Triostar is not watered for a long time, the roots will not absorb water for a long time, which will naturally cause Stromanthe Triostar leaves to curl. If the air is dry and the air humidity is insufficient, it will also cause Stromanthe Triostar leaves to curl. If the root is dry for a long time, water the taro in time to promote the root to absorb water and slowly supply it to the Stromanthe Triostar leaves to make the leaves stretch and full. If the air is dry, you can also use a small watering can to spray water around to maintain humidity.
How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Leaves Curling


In summer, the temperature is very high and the climate is relatively hot. Stromanthe Triostar doesn't like strong light. If it is exposed to the sun, it will also lose water on the leaf surface and cause Stromanthe Triostar's leaves to curl. You can keep the taro in semi shade and non direct light, avoid the noon sun, block more than 60% of the light in summer and accept soft astigmatism.
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Root Rot

After the roots of Stromanthe Triostar rot, it will also cause the leaves to curl. If you water the taro too much, apply concentrated fertilizer, raw fertilizer, causing fertilizer damage, or soil discomfort, it will lead to rotten roots and rolled leaves. We can take Stromanthe Triostar out of the flower pot, trim the rotten roots, disinfect and plant it in the new soil.
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How To Save My Stromanthe Triostar Leaves Curling


When Stromanthe Triostar is in a muggy environment and is short of water for a long time, and the plant grows poorly, Stromanthe Triostar leaves will gradually curl rather than stretch freely. If no measures are taken, over time, the leaves and roots will rot, and even wither and die.
We can strengthen daily water and fertilizer management to ensure that Stromanthe Triostar has sufficient nutrients and enhance disease resistance. If the plants are placed in a closed indoor environment, spray daily, increase humidity and spray at least 3 times a day, except for rainy days. If the blade atrophy is particularly serious, you can cover all the Stromanthe Triostar with plastic bags and poke some small holes at the basin mouth, which can not only maintain a certain humidity, but also ventilate properly for recovery.