What Is The Best Soil For Stromanthe Triostar?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2023

What Is The Best Soil For Stromanthe Triostar?
The soil of Stromanthe Triostar should have good drainage, water retention and air permeability, and be rich in nutrients required by plants, so that plants can grow well. The ideal Stromanthe Triostar soil is a mixture of sand, clay and humus in equal proportions.
If your potting capacity is limited and your buffering capacity for water and fertilizer is poor, you have strict requirements for potting soil. The potting soil suitable for Stromanthe Triostar should be loose, with good water permeability and ventilation performance. At the same time, it should also have strong water and fertilizer holding capacity, light weight and rich resources.
The soil of Stromanthe Triostar is loose and breathable, which is conducive to the growth and development of roots and the activities of rhizosphere fungi; The drainage is good and the roots of Stromanthe Triostar will not rot due to ponding; It has good water retention and strong fertilizer holding capacity, which can ensure that there is always sufficient water and fertilizer for the growth and development of Stromanthe Triostar. (Read More: Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe)
What Is The Best Soil For Stromanthe Triostar
First, we can find a basin to stir Stromanthe Triostar soil. Then put sawdust, sand and soil in a basin and mix them. (Do not drain water when mixing, otherwise the mixing will be uneven.) when the mixing is almost done, add a little water appropriately to see if the mixed soil is very sticky. If it is not sticky, it can be used. If it is very sticky, add some sawdust. The air permeability of the garden soil is not very good, and the surface layer is easy to harden. Pay attention not to use it alone Use. Before using rotten leaf soil, it should be exposed to the sun for disinfection. If it is not rotten, it should be fermented and rotten before use.
After Stromanthe Triostar's soil is prepared, the basin can be loaded. When loading the pot, you should see how big the hole at the bottom of your pot is. If there are many drainage holes, it is recommended to use corroded wheat straw. (Note: no matter what you use, disinfect it to avoid bacteria and insect eggs.)
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