Titan Arum Profile

Written by Lisa

Nov 09 2020

Titan Arum Profile

Titan Arum grows in Sumatra Islands. It is expected to grow up to about 1.8 meters in size. Titan Arum is the largest flower in the world. The pungent smell is released from its corolla, which smells when the corolla matures. The strongest, a large number of flies and beetles attracted by the smell help it spread pollen, and the smell of corpses will also increase sharply. When the flowers wither, the plant enters the dormant period again. And its smell like smelly socks or rotting corpses is to attract flies and carrion-eating beetles to pollinate. Titan Arum is very gorgeous, more beautiful than anything you can imagine, but this surprisingly beautiful flower does grow on our planet and still exists in the world.

Titan Arum

The Titan Amorphophallus is on the verge of extinction, and the currently recorded 134 Titan Amorphophallus are all cultivated. titan arum greedily absorbs liquid fertilizer and potash fertilizer, and its growth rate is amazing.

Titan Arum blooms once in more than ten years on average, and the flowering period is only two or three days. When the plant is ready to pollinate, the stems begin to heat up, and the petals gradually open, emitting a pungent smell, which can float up to eight or nine hundred meters away, attracting carrion-loving beetles and flies to pollinate.

Titan Arum Picture

Titan Arum

The efficacy of Titan Arum

The soluble cellulose in Titan Arum has the functions of promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis and moistening bowel movements, and can quickly excrete toxic substances in the intestines, thereby effectively preventing constipation, and has auxiliary treatment effects for colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and venous tumors. In addition, Titan Arum also has the effect of reducing the accumulation of cholesterol in the body, which is of great significance to the prevention and treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Titan Arum is also a unique food additive. If a small amount of Titan Arum flour is added to food, it can increase nutrition and improve food quality.

Biological characteristics of Titan Arum

This plant can generally live for about 150 years and only blooms two or three times during its life.

Titan Arum blooms for a short time, most days, and then after the fruit grows, it withers quickly, so it is difficult to see its trace. It emits a disgusting smell like corpse, so it is also called corpse flower.

Titan Arum

The corolla of Titan Arum is actually the involucre of the fleshy inflorescence-the unique "flaming bud" of Araceae plants. The stamen is actually the fleshy inflorescence. It has a rhizome similar to a potato.


The characteristic of the titan arum flower is its smell, which is different from ordinary flowers. Not only does it have no fragrance, it also smells amazing. It smells like the smell of a decaying corpse. In addition, when the temperature of the flower is much higher than the surrounding temperature, it can reach 38°C. Help yourself to spread pollen by simulating the odor of dead animals to attract "scorching insects". 

The special smell of Titan Arum

Titan Arum flower exudes a different smell from ordinary flowers. It smells amazing. It smells like a decaying corpse, so it is also called "corpse flower". This scent is the magic weapon of Titan Arum's "passing on from generation to generation". It can attract insects to lay eggs on itself, and when the larvae mature, they can help themselves spread pollen. After the corolla expands, the reddish-purple flowers will continue to bloom for a few days, and the smell of corpses will also increase sharply.

Titan Arum, which smells like stinky socks or rotting corpses, is to attract flies and carrion-eating beetles to pollinate.

Titan Arum

Plant characteristics of Titan Arum

The giant Titan Arum will bloom first and then grow leaves. When the flower dies, a leaf will grow from the bulb that grows underground. This leaf is very large and can grow to six meters high and five meters wide, which is similar to a small tree. tree. The petiole is green and resembles a tree trunk. At the top of the petiole, it branches into several branches, and each branch has many small leaves. When the growing season is over and the underground bulbs have stored enough energy, the old leaves will wither and fall, and then the Titan Arum will grow flowers from the ground.