Tiger aloe-aloe variegata profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 23 2021

Tiger aloe-aloe variegata profile

Tiger aloe, also called  aloe variegata, Gonialoe variegata, partridge-breasted aloe, is a succulent perennial plant belonging to the genus Aloe in the Liliaceae family. Tiger Aloe is a small ornamental aloe with colorful leaves and bright flowers that can appreciate the leaves as well as the flowers.

Tiger aloe picture

Tiger aloe

Morphological characteristics of tiger aloe


Tiger Aloe (aloe variegata) is a succulent perennial. tiger aloe plant is 20 ~ 30 cm tall, with short stems, fleshy leaves interstate, arranged in three out of the imbricate, spiral fold growth, leaf blade triangular blade shape, thick, fleshy, surface concave "V" shape, leaf about 12 cm long, 3 ~ 5 cm wide, margin densely white meat, dark green leaves, have a horizontally arranged irregular silver or gray markings.


Tiger aloe (aloe variegata) has an axillary raceme up to 30 cm long with 20 to 30 small, tubular, orange-red or orange-yellow flowers.

Ecological habits of tiger aloe

Tiger Aloe (aloe variegata) enjoys a warm, dry, semi-shady environment and is drought tolerant. Tiger aloe is suitable for growing in sandy soil with good drainage. Tiger aloe is not cold, fear of high temperature and humidity, avoid strong light exposure, suitable for growing in bright light and no direct sunlight. The Tiger aloe grows slowly or stops completely when summer high temperature, appropriate is put in ventilated cool place maintenance, water need not be too much, in case the plant that causes because of sultry, damp rots.

Tiger aloe growing methods

Spring, autumn and early summer are the flowering period of plant growth, keep the basin soil moist but not water, every 10 days or so apply a ripe thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Winter in a sunny room, more than 10 degrees Celsius can continue to water, and as appropriate to apply some thin fertilizer, so that the plant grows; If you water in moderation, make Tiger aloe dormant, but also can withstand the low temperature of 3 ~ 5℃.

Replace the basin for Tiger aloe (aloe variegata) once a year in spring, and the soil should be loose and fertile, with good drainage and air permeability, and contain an appropriate amount of calcareous. We can use leaf soil or peat soil 3, garden soil 2, coarse sand or vermiculite 3, and mixed with a small amount of bone powder and other calcareous materials after mixing.

In cultivation, if the potting soil is stagnant, it is easy to cause rotted roots. The Tiger aloe can be deducted from the pot, the rotted roots are removed, and the plants can be replanted after airing for 5 ~ 7 days. After planting, the potting soil should be slightly moist, and normal management can be carried out after the new roots grow. If the flowers do not leave a seed, Tiger aloe should be cut off in time, so as not to plant results, excessive consumption of nutrients, affecting the growth.

Tiger aloe

The propagation of tiger aloe

Propagation of Tiger Aloe (aloe variegata) can be carried out in combination with spring potting and splitting. It can also be carried out during growth by digging up the sprouted seedlings around the old plant and drying them for 1 to 2 days before planting them in the sand. Roots or no roots can survive. For many years of growth of large tiger aloe (aloe variegata) can also be cut off the upper part, airing about 1 week for cutting, the rest of the soil is still left in the residual pile will grow many seedlings, and so on its grow a little larger, and then take off the cuttings.

If the seeds can be harvested, Tiger aloe (aloe variegata) can also be sown and propagated. Tiger aloe can be sown in indoor pots in spring. The suitable temperature for seed germination is 22 to 24℃, and the seeds germinate about 2 weeks after sowing. The tender seedlings must be carefully managed, neither large nor small water, or they will easily rot.

The distribution area of tiger aloe

Tiger aloe (aloe variegata) is widely cultivated in China, especially in the north because the climate is suitable.

The use of tiger aloe for gardens

Tiger Aloe (aloe variegata) is a small ornamental aloe with colorful leaves and bright flowers that can appreciate the leaves as well as the flowers. Tiger aloe is suitable for small potted plants, decorated windowsill, several cases and other places. Chiyoda Light is a precious variety of aloe, which succulent lovers can collect and cultivate.

Tiger aloe