Red crown cactus profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

Red crown cactus profile

Red crown cactus, scientific name Rebutia minuscula, belongs to the genus Red crown cactus in the family Cactus. Red crown cactus base of the sphere is easily divided into granules and often forms large colonies. The sphere is green. The bottom of the rib is composed of spirally arranged warts, and the top of the wart is a thorn, which has a grayish thin short thorn. Flowers are from the lower part of the bulb out, funnel-shaped, bright red. Red crown cactus is native to the eastern slope of the Andes in the netcoman province of northern Argentina in South America, about 2000 m above sea level.

Red crown cactus picture

Red crown cactus

Morphological characteristics of red crown cactus

Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) is small, spherical to cylindrical, the base is easy to give birth to the ball and fascicular, large and small, stacked in groups. Ball is bright green or dark green, edges and corners by the spiral wart tumor composition, edges 16-20, the top of the wart for the thorn, a gray curved thorn, thorn 25-30, white or pale yellow, 0.2-0.3 cm long. The flowers of red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) are borne on the lower part of the bulb, the flowers are small, red, the tube is long and thin, self - fertilizing. When the Red crown cactus is in full bloom, dozens of flowers, showing an inverted bell shape. Fruit setting after flowers, small round berries, green when young. Seeds are black.

Red crown cactus growth habits

Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) is native to the eastern slope of the Andes in the netcoman province of northern Argentina in South America, about 2000 m above sea level. Red crown cactus is often grown in the grass with good moisture and fertility in the soil. In summer, it is shaded by weeds. Red crown cactus likes warm and sunny ecological environments, and also can tolerate half shade. The soil requirement is not strict, the general neutral sandy soil can flourish.

Red crown cactus growing method

1. Watering: Red Crown Cactus (Rebutia minuscula) has a very good resistance to drought. Water the soil when it is dry. Do not let the basin soil have water, see dry water is no problem, but be careful not to pour to the plant.

2. Temperature: Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) will grow faster and more robust in a warm environment, the lowest tolerance temperature is 2℃, summer in the temperature below 35℃ can grow very well, not afraid of cold not afraid of heat.

3. Light: sufficient light will make it grow better, even in the summer you do not need to block the sun, pay attention to the environment on the line. Usually as far as possible in the lighting position good place maintenance, the lack of light will grow, thereby reducing the ornamental.

Fertilization: the spring and autumn season is the stage of Red crown cactus vigorous growth, once a month to apply a thin liquid fertilizer. In the summer, a long-acting fertilizer can satisfy it. This is also the case in winter. Be careful not to apply too much fertilizer to avoid root burning due to failure to absorb.

Red crown cactus

Red Crown Cactus method of propagation


Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) is a germinating plant that grows for 2 to 3 years and has many bulbs at the base and middle of the corn.These ball, after a year of nutritional growth, the diameter of the ball is generally between 1.5-2 cm, they are equipped with the conditions of cuttage propagation. Cut down ball for Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) cutting propagation. Before planting, wooden box seedbeds can be made according to the number of seeds. The specifications are about 50-60 cm long, 30-35 cm wide and 20-25 cm high. The matrix could be prepared with 4 pure river sand, 4 sandy garden soil and 2 forest leaf rot. With good and then by the exposure of the disinfection, you can go to bed. Cuttage, select strong growth, sphere dignified, bright green color ball, with a sharp knife cut from the mother, cut daub clean plant ash or a small amount of sulfur powder, wound disinfection, and then put the ball of Red crown cactus in a cool and ventilated dry place, storage 1-2 days, to be dry wound after the contraction can be express. Cuttage, the soil to scrape compaction, finger, and then the ball planting in the hole, cultivation to shallow, around the soil to build tight to make the ball steady soil surface. Cutting with a fine-hole watering can spray a surface water, the soil surface can be wet. Seedbed of Red crown cactus covered with glass, placed in warm scattered light, 2-3 times a day for spray, reduce cuttings water evaporation, a week later can be watered thoroughly, morning and evening for weak sunlight, seedbed temperature control at 20-25℃, generally 15-20 days, there is a root of the original body, about 30 days can grow new roots.


The Red Crown Cactus is easy to propagate by sowing seeds and can produce a large number of seedlings at once. Red crown cactus, planted with seeds, grew well and lived the longest.If the artificial pollination, after the mutation can also breed a good new variety. However, in order to make the sowing successful, it is necessary to follow the operating procedures, the use of sowing technology, carefully sowing. 

The main value of red crown cactus

Red crown cactus (Rebutia minuscula) is a powerful ornamental ball of the cactus family. Plant body is bright green, bud presents bright red, the most beautiful form is about to put the figure that did not put, glittering and translucent get rid of is shown, plant in balcony, windowsill raises. Red crown cactus is to decorate the good taste of a few cases, desk.

Red crown cactus