How to propagate red crown cactus

Written by Maggie

Oct 14 2021

How to propagate red crown cactus

Propagation of Red crown cactus is easily achieved by sowing and cutting.

Sowing propagation method of red crown cactus

The orb blooms from the base in spring and summer, opens during the day, and closes at night, lasting for several days. After ripe berries should be collected in time to wash the flesh, the black seeds dried collection. Sowing propagation of red crown cactus can take place in spring. The weather of sowing propagation for red crown cactus is better with fine weather, and the temperature difference between day and night is big. Not only the seedlings emerge quickly, but also the seedlings grow faster.

Soil for red crown cactus sowing propagation can use pure river sand, plain sand soil, pure leaf rot soil, etc. Pure sand disinfection is easy, but poor water retention, the emergence of seedlings must be transplanted immediately. The soil should be strictly disinfected. After the soil is matched, it can be loaded into a pot, and then steamed with a steamer for 1 hour.

Sowing basin for red crown cactus propagation appropriately uses a basin of shallow violet arenaceous or glaze, better not need a wooden basin. The basin and basin bottom drainage should be washed, air dry and reused. 2--3 days before sowing propagation of red crown cactus, soak seeds in 0.3% copper sulfate solution or 1% formalin solution for 5 minutes, then take out and soak with water, and wait for seeds to expand slightly.

It can also be disinfected with medical alcohol, but for a short time, the seeds must be removed as soon as possible after soaking and the alcohol must evaporate. Then sow the seeds immediately. After sowing propagation of red crown cactus, press the soil gently and cover it with glass after soaking in water. Place the pot in a warm and secluded place. After the seeds start to emerge, the light must be controlled and the pot should be moved to a shady room. Sow seedling culture 1 ~ 2 years can blossom.

propagate red crown cactus

Cutting propagation method of red crown cactus

When the ball is big enough, we can break off the small sprouts with hands or tools, put them in the shade to dry, and then dry them for a week.

Cutting propagation for red crown cactus with soil, red jade soil, coarse sand, slag each three, plus some activated carbon or rice chaff ash. Flowerpot with 4-5 cm shallow basin, small hair root does not need too deep flowerpot, convenient observation of the dry humidity of pot soil. The configuration of the soil from coarse to fine laid to the surface, the soil slightly wet with a watering can, and then put the small neatly on the surface.

See basin soil dry even after spraying water, for the ball has fluffy cactus do not use the ball directly spraying water. Because the soil is permeable, and the basin is shallow, it is not suitable for water, it is easy to promote the rooting of small young, most of them will take root in half a month, and ensure that the new roots are healthy and strong (except for a few very difficult to root varieties).

propagate red crown cactus