Radermachera hainanensis profile

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Feb 07 2021

Radermachera hainanensis profile

Radermachera hainanensis likes light, tolerates half shade, grows rapidly, prefers loose soil and warm and humid environment, and is suitable for limestone karst mountainous areas, with a small distribution on acidic soil. Its root system is more developed, belongs to the deep root tree species, and has the extremely strong germination regeneration ability.

The bark of radermachera hainanensis is thick, with strong drought resistance, the survival rate of seedling planting is high, and the tree transplanting is also easier to survive and form. radermachera Hainanensis, Purple Vladivostaceae, deciduous tree, growing in Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places, bark pale gray, deep longitudinal split, leaves oblong ovate. Flowers are bisexual, pistil light red, corolla light yellow, 7-8 years flowering solid. Its tree shape is beautiful, the tree posture is elegant, the flower period is long, the flower is big, the flower is light and elegant, the design and color is beautiful, and it arranges a long string of golden yellow flowers, pleasing to the eye. It has high ornamental value and beautiful landscape application.

Radermachera hainanensis picture

Radermachera hainanensis

The morphological characteristics of Radermachera hainanensis


Radermachera hainanensis was a tree, 6-13 (-20) meters high, glabrous except for pilose on the inner surface of corolla tube.Branchlets and old branches gray, glabrous, wrinkled.


The leaves of Radermachera hainanensis are 1 to 2 pinnatifid compound leaves, sometimes only 5 leaflets; Lobules are papery, oblong-ovate or ovate, 4-10 cm long and 2.5-4.5 cm wide, apically acuminate, basally broadly cuneate, glabrous on both sides, sometimes with most minute spots, lateral veins 5-6 on each side, slender, branches sparsely reticulate.


Inflorescences are axillary or lateral, sparsely flowered, racemes or panicles less branched, shorter than leaves. The calyx is reddish, cylindric, irregular, ca. 1.8 cm long, 3-5 lobed. The corolla is pale yellow, campanulate, 3.5 -- 5 cm long, ca. 15 mm in diam., finest to 5 mm in diam., inner pilose, lobes broadly nephritic triangular, 10 mm wide.

Radermachera hainanensis's Flowering Period:

The first flowering was in June to August. The 2nd November to the next January.


Radermachera hainanensis's capsule is 40 cm long, ca. 5 mm thick; The diaphragm is oblate.Seeds are ovoid, wingspan 12 mm, membranous.

The ecological habits of Radermachera hainanensis

Radermachera Hainanensis is a positive tree species, which likes light, warm and hot environments, tolerates half shade and has strong drought resistance. It is a deep-rooted tree with rapid growth and developed root system.

Radermachera hainanensis prefers loose, breathable and well-drained matrix, which is suitable for limestone karst mountainous areas, with a small distribution on acidic soil. Radermachera hainanensis sas the extremely strong germination regeneration ability. Its bark is thick, drought resistance ability is strong, the survival rate of seedling planting is high, the big tree transplanting also is easier to survive and form. Radermachera hainanensis sas the extremely strong germination regeneration ability. It has thick bark and strong drought resistance.

Radermachera hainanensis is found in low slope forests, rarely seen, with an altitude of 300-550 meters.

Radermachera hainanensis

The distribution area of Radermachera hainanensis

Radermachera Hainanensis is native to Taiwan, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan (Jinhong) and other places.

Radermachera Hainanensis is also found in India, Philippines, Bhutan and other countries.

The therapeutic or medicinal value of Lubao

Radermachera hainanensis root, leaf and fruit are used as medicine to cool blood and reduce swelling, treat high fever, fall injury and snake bite. The wood is yellowish brown, slightly thick and heavy, with obvious rings, which can be used for construction. Branches, leaves and roots also treat bovine anthrax. Know more about Radermachera hainanensis care.

The garden uses of Radermachera hainanensis

Radermachera hainanensis trunk is straight, detailed and uniform structure, easy processing, dark brown, material qualitative hard and a little heavy, decay resistance, dry after a craze, but not deformation, longitudinal section, smooth and bright gloss, color bright, growth ring slightly decorative pattern, very beautiful, suitable for farming tools, vehicles, construction materials, especially the fine furniture and graphic materials, local more floor, furniture; It can be used as afforestation tree species in low altitude area.

Radermachera Hainanensis has a beautiful shape and elegant tree posture. Radermachera hainanensis has long flowering period, large flowers, floral elegant, beautiful and many flowers, almost every branch has an inflorescence; Many flowers on a single inflorescence often open at the same time, arranged in a long string of golden ribbons, pleasing to the eye. With high ornamental value and prospect of landscape application, it is an excellent tree species for landscape greening in towns, streets, parks and courtyards in tropical and south Tropical regions.

Radermachera hainanensis