Gasteria Armstrongii Profile

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Nov 08 2021

Gasteria Armstrongii Profile

Gasteria Armstrongii is a member of the plant kingdom, belonging to the family Heliaceae, distributed in Cape Province, South Africa. Leaf blade of Gasteria Armstrongii is superposed in two rows when young, liguulate fleshy leaf blade apically acute, leaf blade verruculosa. Adult leaves arranged into a rosette, green or dark green leaves, slightly glossy, tip back have an obvious keel process, part of the leaf surface warts off. Flowers of Gasteria Armstrongii have a small cylinder - shaped drooping, green under red.

Gasteria Armstrongii Picture

Gasteria armstrongii

Distribution of Gasteria Armstrongii

Distribution: Gasteria Armstrongii is native to South Africa and can be cultivated in many places in the world.

Gasteria Armstrongii Habits: It is strong and drought-resistant, growing at a temperature of 13 ~ 21℃, above 5℃ and below 12℃ in winter, and shading in summer.Planting with soil can not be too rigid.

Characteristics of Gasteria Armstrongii

Gasteria Armstrongii Configuration: Young gasteria armstrongii leaves are superimposed in two rows, fleshy, 3 -- 5 cm long and 3 cm wide. Leaves are liguulate, apex has a sharp, epidermis has white verruca., and there are verrucas at leaf margin and tip. Adult gasteria Armstrongii leaves arranged into a rosette, 6 ~ 10 cm in diameter, single leaf 5 ~ 6 cm long, 3 ~ 4 cm wide, 1 cm thick, leaf tip back has an obvious keel process, part of the leaf surface warts off.

Propagation of Gasteria Armstrongii

Gasteria Armstrongii mainly uses ramets. Perennial old plants will give birth to new lateral buds from the side of the leaves, which can be broken off and inserted into the soil. It is not easy to propagate. Gasteria Armstrongii also can be used with the base of budding tiller cuttings.

Gasteria armstrongii

Gasteria Armstrongii Care

Gasteria Armstrongii likes places with good drainage, warm and dry, and sufficient light, which will plump and plump the leaves, make the leaves darker green, heat resistant and cold resistant. In winter, it is necessary to avoid frost damage in low temperature, and in summer, it is necessary to reduce watering to cover them properly, so as to avoid light tan color of the leaves and reduce their ornamental value due to direct sunlight. Put Gasteria Armstrongii in the ventilated cool place, avoid caused by moisture plant rot, root injury, let the leaves appear black spots, affect the ornamental value, when the climate is cool, and can be applied plant liquid, or with special plant formula to when topdressing. Gasteria Armstrongii is placed in a location where the climate is stable and dramatic changes in the environment will cause the leaves to shrink.

Gasteria Armstrongii can be used as a combination of potted, because its growth rate is very slow, cultivation alone than the combination of many poor results.

Choose the pot with soil: choose the shallow pot slightly larger than the plant, the material requirements are not big, drainage can be good, every 2 years should be replaced. In the Gasteria Armstrongii growth period according to the "dry thoroughly pour thoroughly" principle, to prevent seeper inside the basin, dormant periods should stop watering. Watering and fertilizing: Gasteria Armstrongii is suitable for growing in sandy loam, which can be mixed with humus soil, soil and coarse sand. Apply once a month to phosphorus and potassium - based thin liquid fertilizer.
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Gasteria armstrongii