Echeveria Lilacina profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Echeveria Lilacina profile

Echeveria Lilacina is a succulent plant of the genus Echeveria, native to Mexico. The plant is 11 to 17 cm long.Echeveria Lilacina is pale pink all year round, and its leaves are sharp, giving a sharp impression.The leaf blade is fleshy, light pink or pinkish purple, tip small tip, apex of leaf margin bending, central concave.Water is wet as well as dry.Because the leaves are with powder, so when watering we should avoid leaf contact with water, so as not to affect the appearance.

Echeveria Lilacina picture

Echeveria Lilacina

Morphological features of Echeveria Lilacina


The length is less than 5 cm, the diameter is about 1.5 cm, no plant is divided under the natural growth condition.


11-17 cm in diameter.


Rosettes densely arranged, obovate to spatulate, apex obtuse, short apiculate, 5 -- 6 cm long, 2.5 -- 3.7 cm at widest, 1 -- 1.2 cm at base, skin dark brown green, mauve to pale pink waxy cream powder, margin transparent.


Each inflorescence of Echeveria Lilacina usually has only 1 cincinnati, sometimes 2.Early apex curved inward and late erect.28-36 cm in length, 3-5 mm in diameter.Bracts 14-26, 8-18 mm long, 4-6 mm wide.Pedicels are pendulous, erect when seeded, 9 -- 27 mm long, ± 1 mm in diameter, pink.


Bracts are appressed, apex upturned, 1.5-7 mm long, 1-4 mm wide, corolla urceolate, 6-7.5 mm in diameter. Petals str triangular to lanceolate, acute, 13-14 mm long, ca. 4 mm wide, coral-pink, apex sharply curved outward.The plant height is 5-6 cm, the plant width is 10-25 cm, the leaves are oval, the tip of the leaf is pointed, the middle of the leaf is inward concave, the edge of the leaf is pink and pointed.

Echeveria Lilacina

The growth environment of Echeveria Lilacina

During the growing period of Echeveria Lilacina (spring and autumn), the soil in the basin was dry and wet, and could not be watered to the leaves and the center. The soil in the basin could be slightly wet in winter.Special attention should be paid to risk control water in summer.

Distribution range of Echeveria Lilacina

The Echeveria Lilacina is found in the wild near The Rayones, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Echeveria Lilacina