Cephalophyllum framesii profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 09 2021

Cephalophyllum framesii profile

Cephalophyllum framesii is a kind of New Zealand spinach, meat plants, and is also a kind of perennial herbaceous plants, is the quilt plants, belonging to the dicotyledonous plants, original perianth suborders, central seed, apricot branch. Cephalophyllum framesii flowers generally need sufficient sunlight at noon when open, in the evening will be automatically closed, to be the next day at noon to bloom again, very distinctive. Cephalophyllum framesii  can open about 3 ~ 5 days in a row, little Daisy flower style similar to. Cephalophyllum framesii is native to southern Africa and is now grown worldwide.

ephalophyllum framesii picture

Cephalophyllum framesii

Cephalophyllum framesii characteristics

Cephalophyllum framesii plants form a stem and branch, branch and creeping shaped spread, a variety of shapes and very has ornamental value. cephalophyllum framesii leaf is the growth of the opposite, for the elongated shape. The transverse section like round or irregular round triangle, the front is very sharp, the cephalophyllum framesii stems into the shape of a awl, fewer but larger flowers, one individual plant Cephalophyllum framesii generally only one or two flowers open, many for the pink color, shape and the Daisy.

The growing method of Cephalophyllum framesii

Temperature conditions: Cephalophyllum framesii habit is strong. Cephalophyllum framesii likes the warm and sunny in the environmental conditions of growth, at the same time also requires well drained soil, and can be relatively extensive in management. In the summer to pay attention to ventilation and breeding of patronage, appropriate fall. Attention should be paid to give enough water to help Cephalophyllum framesii growth, during the winter should pay attention to keep the soil dry, don't have too much water. Cephalophyllum framesii needs maintenance in good indoor illumination, temperatures kept above 7 degrees can generally be safe for the winter.

Soil conditions: Cephalophyllum framesii leaves longer, and the meat, it is easy to be broken, so be careful if you want to move move when breeding, in case influence leaves were broken and the effect of ornamental Cephalophyllum framesii drainage good medium to use when breeding, soil requirements can add some particles in marl soil, available to a third of the marl, a third of the pumice or volcanic mixed plus a third of the pearlite is enough. Cephalophyllum framesii plants should be placed on a south or southeast facing balcony or in a glass garden where plenty of light prevents the plants from growing unfertilized.

Moisture conditions: breeding Cephalophyllum framesii, need appropriate shading some measures in the summer, add shade cloth, the length of 5 to 6 hours of sunlight, temperature keeps at 15 to 30 degrees, summer watered once a week, keep wet can commonly, after the weather gradually cool. We need to wait for the soil to dry after water, well water to reduce or stop water, winter water pouring rain or cold water, because water is alkaline, which can affect the growth of Cephalophyllum framesii.

Cephalophyllum framesii

Effect and action of Cephalophyllum framesii

1. Clear heat and wind, used for high fever, seizures, madness.

Cephalophyllum framesii is suitable for manic, convulsion, epilepsy and other diseases caused by high fever, which can prevent wind and spasms. Cephalophyllum framesiican be used alone to decoct and take the effect, or with unhook rattan, bezoar, white gridded silkworm and other antispasmodic drugs for wind and antispasmodic. The treatment of children convulsions, high fever, shock, can grind this product, and cinnabar for pills.Treatment of high fever mania or epilepsy, often alone with fresh salt for water, drink.

2. Pass meridians and activate collaterals for arthralgia and hemiplegia.

Cephalophyllum framesii is long in the meridian, used for a variety of reasons caused by the meridian block, poor blood vessels, limb joints. Because Cephalophyllum framesii is cold and can clear away heat, it is suitable for the treatment of joint swelling, pain, flexion and extension. It is often combined with other drugs such as phyllophylla, Gentiana macrophylla and honeysuckle to eliminate dampness and heat and to promote meridians and collaterals. Cephalophyllum framesii is also used to treat wind cold wet bizi, limb joint numbness, pain, flexion and extension disorders, can be compatible with Aconitum, Araceae, frankincense.

Cephalophyllum framesii