7 good smelling flowers

Written by Maggie

Mar 17 2021

7 good smelling flowers

Some people raise flowers in order to appreciate flowers, some people raise flowers in order to smell the fragrance. I like to keep flowering plants with fragrance very much, placed on the windowsill, the wind blows the room with fragrance, more natural than perfume. The following to share with you the 7 good smelling flowers!

1. Cape jasmine

If you have confidence in yourself, you can raise a pot or two of gardenias. It is really very fragrant, sometimes the fragrance is cloudy, unbearable, but a few small flowers picked at home to enjoy, feel very good. Cape jasmine is known as one of the three killer new people, to do your homework in advance, or buy back before you have time to appreciate it will die.  

7 good smelling flowers
Cape jasmine is one of the good smelling flowers

2. Orchids

Orchid is also very sweet. It is a kind of fragrance, refreshing, can make people become quiet. The most important thing is that orchids not only blossom and smell good, it can also appreciate leaves better than flowers, a very artistic conception.  

7 good smelling flowers
Orchids are one of the good smelling flowers

3. Arabian jasmine

Arabian jasmine also has a strong floral scent, and it gets better with the sun, but it's not as aggressive as gardenia, it's a fragrance that makes you want to smell again. arabian jasmine flowers are now blooming, if your jasmine flowers bud a lot, you can pick a few flowers, mixed with green tea at home, put in a dry box, smoked for a period of time, the whole green tea with a fragrance of jasmine taste!  

7 good smelling flowers
Arabian jasmine is one of the good smelling flowers

4. Sweet osmanthus 

Sweet osmanthus  has not yet arrived in the flowering period, but its flowers are very sweet, very popular with the Chinese people, the autumn wind swept, flowers fall dust, with a strong flavor of the countryside. sweet osmanthus  can not only appreciate the smell, but also can be made into food, osmanthus cake, osmanthus cake, osmanthus tea.  

7 good smelling flowers
Sweet osmanthus is one of the good smelling flowers

5. Chinese perfume plant

Chinese perfume plant is not as strong as jasmine fragrance, but it is also very refreshing. It is a light fragrance, fragrance far Yi Qing, flower friends said it is a fragrance, you can smell the fragrance from the outside into the room, let a person feel very comfortable.

Chinese perfume plant is masculine plant, want to blossom more, have to bask in the sun more, bask in more fragrant. Watering attention should be paid to the basin soil is not too wet, but the air around the leaves had better be moist, or it will yellow leaves and drop leaves.  

7 good smelling flowers
Chinese perfume plant is one of the good smelling flowers

6. Lavender

The scent of lavender is a kind of grass mixed with the fragrance of flowers, which is refreshing and refreshing.Lavender is also a flower in full sun. It blooms more in full light and needs to be pruned in time after blooming.

There are many varieties of lavender, some varieties are not fragrant, some are very fragrant, it is not like jasmine gardenia, itself will emit fragrance, its aromatic oil needs high temperature or stimulation to emit, so if your home lavender is not fragrant, touch a few times, it will taste!  

7 good smelling flowers
Lavender is one of the good smelling flowers

7. Chamomile

Chamomile spring flowers in spring, the white flowers are very lovely, with the fragrance of green apples, a smell of addiction ah, if the home has a yard, be sure to plant a row of chamomile on both sides of the path, the sun like flowers very pleasing to the eye, the wind sent a good smell of fragrance, let a person can not love it! Chamomile is one of the good smelling flowers. 

Chamomile is suitable for sowing and reproduction, sowing in autumn and blooming in spring. Its sprout rate is very high. Scatter the seeds into the soil, pour some water, and then the small buds will grow happily.

7 good smelling flowers
Chamomile is one of the good smelling flowers