Skills for indoor garden

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Skills for indoor garden
The indoor garden landscape design not only saves space, but also makes the indoor atmosphere more vibrant! The living space of modern people is limited, and maybe not everyone can have a spacious outdoor garden. If you want to create a beautiful and space-saving landscape design indoors, you will surely find useful inspiration from these beautiful indoor garden landscape design cases.
indoor garden

1. Plant wall

The plant wall created by vertical lines does not take up the ground space at all, and will immediately fill the room with vitality. This kind of indoor garden landscape design method can also improve the level of your interior decoration very high, and can be matched with some short low light plants to enhance the atmosphere in your indoor garden.

2. Small Oasis

Hanging different potted plants on the entire wall, the corridor space immediately becomes a small oasis. Although this kind of indoor garden method is a bit similar to the plant wall just now, the method is relatively simple, and it is completely possible to do it yourself in your indoor garden.

3. Semi-outdoor space

A terrace with an awning can be considered a semi-outdoor space. Not only can you hang potted plants and low-light plants on the wall, you can also place old tables here, which is very beautiful as a home for all kinds of potted plants in your indoor garden!

4. Indoor jungle

In the corner of the living room, numerous plants turn the interior into a tropical jungle! The maintenance cost of this kind of indoor garden design method may be slightly higher, and the selection of plants must be suitable for indoor planting.

5. The garden under the stairs

The blank space under the stairs is an excellent place to create an indoor garden landscape design. You can simply put potted plants or spread the soil here and plant your favorite plants by yourself. Although getting some shelves or cabinets under the stairs can increase the storage space, after all, there must be something for you. If your friends come as a guest and see the indoor garden under the stairs, they will definitely be amazed.

6. Viewing area

If there is a small atrium with skylights, you can use the glass showcase to make it an area where you can enjoy the scenery. This kind of indoor garden landscape design, combined with modern style interior decoration, which will look very advanced and fashionable.

7. Beautiful greenery

You also can use large floor-to-ceiling windows to make the outdoor area look like indoors. You can see various green plants outside the window, blending with the plant landscaping. This can be regarded as a method of borrowing scenery. If you are outside the public landscape area, this method can also save you the cost of indoor garden landscape design.

8. Focus

You can even plant a uniquely shaped tree directly in the middle of a relatively spacious indoor garden to give the spacious space a bright spot.

9. Cactus Pai Pai Station

The space along the window allows the cacti to stand in a row, making the interior more exotic. Moreover, the cactus is cold-resistant and easy to maintain. Even if you travel for a long time, you don't have to worry too much. It can take care of itself.

10. Zen style

You'd better plan a small area in the corner of the hallway and plant simple trees to immediately exude Zen. This can be said to be the lowest-cost indoor garden landscape design method, but the effect is really extraordinary. The key is to choose a tree with a very good shape.

11. Casual style

You don't need to look for a formative indoor garden landscape design method, and place potted plants according to your preferences, and the corners will immediately be green. Once the interior has greenery, the whole space will appear vibrant.

12. Atrium

Does the simple placement of your favorite plants in the atrium closely connected to the interior better echo the wooden design elements in your home? The overall feeling will be more original.

13. Harmonious Picture

The gray-toned ceramic potted plants echo the tiled walls and floors, and the picture is very harmonious.

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