What Is The Best Soil For Parlor Palm?

Written by Ivy

Dec 24 2021

What Is The Best Soil For Parlor Palm?
Parlor Palm has certain requirements for cultivation soil. The soil of Parlor Palm used should be fertile enough and have good drainage capacity. Otherwise, the roots of Parlor Palm are easy to rot. Usually, the soil prepared by rotten leaf soil, peat and river sand is used for family planting.
When growing Parlor Palm, the most suitable soil is good drainage, loose and fertile. Such soil can be prepared by itself. For general family breeding, we can use peat soil + river sand + rotten leaf soil to prepare it. Rotten leaf soil can be replaced by pine needle soil, or rotten cake fertilizer can also be used. In this way, the prepared Parlor Palm soil has sufficient nutrients and good drainage.
What Is The Best Soil For Parlor Palm
The root system of Parlor Palm is relatively developed, but it is not resistant to waterlogging. Friends need to plant it in soil with better drainage. In order to make Parlor Palm grow more prosperous, friends have to choose more fertile and loose soil. Generally speaking, using half of the rotten leaf soil and peat, then adding some river sand and stirring evenly can be a better nutrient soil.
Parlor Palm likes to be wet, so we can't keep it in long-term dry or dry soil, otherwise it will lead to dry leaves and plant death of Parlor Palm. Watering should be carried out when the soil surface is slightly dry to avoid soil drying, which is conducive to its growth. During the dry season, we can give Parlor Palm more moisturizing spray. Spray to the leaves is also conducive to the growth of its leaves, becoming more and more luster. However, in winter, it should be noted that the soil of Parlor Palm should not be too wet, otherwise it is easy to cause its rotten roots.
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