Why Are My Jade Plants Getting White Spots?

Written by Ivy

Apr 28 2022

Why Are My Jade Plants Getting White Spots?
There are some white spots on the leaves of jade plant, which will certainly not be a good thing. If you see some white spots on the branches and leaves of jade plant planted by yourself, it is likely to be infected with diseases and pests. You should check it in time, otherwise it will not only damage the appearance of jade plant, but also cause yellow leaves and leaf loss.
Some white spots on the leaves of jade plant are usually due to the breeding of molds, such as powdery mildew infection, excessive soil, salt accumulation and insect infection. These should be identified through careful inspection and handled in time.
Now let's share how to save white spots jade plants. How to identify and which more effective method should be used to solve it? Including the method of maintaining jade plant, how to prune and reproduce, and how to deal with diseases and pests.

Reasons for Jade Plants Getting White Spots

Intense Sunburn

Jade plant is suitable for growing in a place with sufficient light, but this plant is afraid of strong light. If it is exposed to the sun for a long time, its leaves will be sunburned, resulting in white spots on it. In view of this situation, it needs to be moved to the semi shade in time, so that it can receive scattered light at ordinary times, or give it appropriate shade.

Alkaline Water

If the water sprayed on jade plant leaves is highly alkaline, after the water is absorbed or evaporated, the alkali particles will stay on the leaf surface and look like white spots. This kind of white spots do not form a piece or stick to your hands, and you can rub them off by rubbing them with your hands. It usually does not affect the growth, but you should pay attention to the alkalinity of the water at ordinary times.

Powdery Mildew

If white spots jade plants suffer from powdery mildew, white spots will also appear on the leaves. In this regard, it is necessary to remove the diseased leaves in time and spray carbendazim properly at the same time. Generally, it can be effectively prevented and controlled once every 7 days and four times in a row. At ordinary times, we must pay attention to lighting and ventilation, which can play a preventive effect.


White spots on jade plant may also be scale insects. This is a common pest that sucks the juice of the plant and causes the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. Because it has a waxy shell outside, it is difficult to eliminate it with ordinary drugs. It needs to be wiped with a wet cloth and sprayed with Omethoate to eliminate the larvae.

How to Save White Spots Jade Plants?

1. Trim White Spots Jade Plants

In case of such leaves, the diseased leaves should be directly cut off to prevent the spread of diseases and pests. Be sure to trim all similar leaves. If there are serious, trim the whole branch.

2. Spraying Pesticides

Generally, such powdery mildew occurs in jade plant, and the pruned plants are not safe. To solve powdery mildew, the plant needs to be sprayed with 0.2% carbendazim aqueous solution for sterilization and disinfection. Spraying once a week and four times in a row can basically kill pests.

3. Change the Position of White Spots Jade Plants

In fact, this kind of plant diseases and insect pests appear. It is mainly due to poor ventilation and poor illumination in the growth environment. Pruned jade plant potted plants. Propagate Jade plant in a place with good ventilation and daylighting. Like this season - cool autumn, potted plants can be cultured outdoors. On the one hand, it can increase the light intensity; On the other hand, it can increase the degree of ventilation and effectively avoid the occurrence of diseases and pests.
If jade plant wants to grow more leaves, the plant type will grow more mellow. In addition to normal maintenance, pruning is essential. Jade plant plants can be pruned every spring and autumn to remove the apical advantage. Pinching off the top pair of leaves by hand or directly cutting off the top pair with scissors can speed up the growth of lateral buds. Let the branches of the plant grow more new buds, so that the whole plant type is relatively full


If you want to keep jade plant well and avoid white spots on leaves, you must prevent it in advance and avoid watering too much. You should ensure more than 6 hours of direct light every day, ensure the ventilation and light transmission of the environment, do not raise places with excessive shade, and pay attention to occasionally supplement some water-soluble fertilizers in spring and autumn.
In order to maintain the beautiful shape of jade plant, when the branches grow long, they can be properly trimmed. After trimming, the incision cannot be stained with water, otherwise it is easy to infect fungi.