When Does Nerve Plant Flower Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Dec 27 2021

When Does Nerve Plant Flower Bloom?
Because of its beautiful and small plant shape and unique leaf lines, Nerve Plant is often planted at home as a potted green plant, giving people a bright feeling at present. Although it is often cultivated as a foliage plant, what many people don't know is that the Nerve Plant also blooms. It's just that because Nerve Plant has high requirements for planting environment, flowering is rare. Nerve Plant has terminal spikes with yellow flowers and is not particularly ornamental.

Flowering Period of Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant will bloom from September to November every autumn. It has terminal spikes. The flowers of Nerve Plant are very small and yellow. Nerve Plant was originally distributed in tropical South America. Nerve Plant is suitable for growing in a high-temperature, humid and semi cloudy environment. It is particularly sensitive to temperature. The suitable temperature for growth is 18-24 ℃.

Nerve Plant Flowering Maintenance

When Does Nerve Plant Flower Bloom

As long as the planting environment is appropriate and the temperature and water conditions meet the flowering requirements, the Nerve Plant can bloom from September to October every year. Nerve Plant likes a high-temperature, humid and semi cloudy growth environment. When the air is dry during growth, it is best to spray water to the leaves to maintain high air humidity. The most suitable growth temperature is 18-24 ℃. Keep scattered light during growth, and avoid direct strong light.
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How To Water Nerve Plant?
The cultivation temperature of Nerve Plant at flowering stage shall be above 18 ℃. Below this temperature, Nerve Plant will stop growing. Nerve Plant has a high effect on nutrient floating ball. Especially in the vigorous growth period, apply nitrogen compound fertilizer with low concentration every half a month or so. In addition, you must be careful when watering. You should seize the opportunity when watering. You can't wait until it is dry, otherwise the leaves will roll up and fall off. If it is too wet, the stem is easy to rot.
Nerve Plant is a foliage plant, but it can blossom if it is properly managed and given a suitable environment. The flowering period of Nerve Plant is in autumn, specifically between September and November. Although the flower shape is small, it is also ornamental. It is not fixed how long it should be maintained after planting to bloom. It is suggested to combine with the usual management. If the environment is suitable and the water and fertilizer are sufficient, it may bloom that year, otherwise it will be delayed.