Tips For Mandevilla Winter Care - Mandevilla Grow and Care Guide

Written by Ivy

Nov 24 2021

Tips For Mandevilla Winter Care - Mandevilla Grow and Care Guide
How can Mandeville survive the winter safely? Mandeville is a warm-like plant. Its cold tolerance is not strong. The optimum growth temperature is between 20-31 ℃, the maximum temperature should not exceed 35 ℃, and the minimum temperature is 14 ℃. Too low temperature may freeze Mandeville. Generally, it will be dangerous to freeze at any time if it is lower than 10 ℃. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintaining appropriate temperature in winter. We can transfer Mandeville plant to warm indoor maintenance.

Overwinter Care Of Mandevilla Vines

Cold Proof Measures

In order to care for Mandeville in the winter better, we need to find ways to increase the temperature around it and keep it above 10 ℃. Otherwise its branches and leaves may be frostbitten. If the temperature is very low in winter, Mandeville's roots will also be frozen, which will directly affect the growth of the next year. The specific method is to move it to a warmer room, or put a layer of the bag outside the flowerpot to keep warm. (Read more about Mandevilla Growing and Caring.)

Sufficient Light

Mandeville likes the growth environment with sufficient light, and the optimum light intensity is 10000-20000 lux. In winter, it must maintain sufficient light environment, and it should be placed where the sun can shine.
Tips For Mandevilla Winter Care - Mandevilla Grow and Care Guide

Controlled Watering

Watering in winter is different from watering in other seasons. When we care for Mandeville in winter, we should reduce the amount of watering. When we see that the basin soil is dry, we can water it again. If the basin soil is not dry, we don't need watering.

Stop Fertilization

In winter, we don't need fertilization, because Mandeville needs to sleep in winter to protect the plant from freezing damage. Once fertilization, the leaves and roots of the plant will grow, which will frostbite the new parts and can't survive the winter safely. Therefore, we should stop fertilizing Mandeville in winter and wait until the temperature rises before fertilizing slowly.

How To Transplant Mandevillas for Winter?

Mandeville is a very easy to feed vine. It has strong adaptability to soil, but it still prefers sandy soil rich in humus. But in winter we change the pots for Mandeville. Because it is not cold resistant and the temperature is low in winter, it is easy to frostbite the plant when changing the pot. The plant is difficult to adapt to the environment and is easy to die. It is recommended to change pots after the temperature rises in spring. Specifically, from March to may, the climate, temperature and light are very suitable for recovery.

How To Trim a Mandevilla for Winter?

When we prune Mandeville in winter, we need to cut off the old leaves and some old branches. Mandeville prefers sunlight, so he should also cut off the overlapping branches and leaves so that it can receive sunlight evenly. Generally, we can apply fertilizer once after pruning and before germination of Mandeville to provide sufficient nutrients for its growth.