Is Jade Plant Toxic To Cats?

Written by Ivy

Apr 29 2022

Is Jade Plant Toxic To Cats?
The succulent fleshy part of jade plant allows it to store moisture. Jade plant is also generally regarded as an "ornamental plant", which has become more and more popular in recent decades because of its unique appearance. Jade plant is also popular for its cold resistance because jade plant can survive indoors with little maintenance. However, we need to pay attention to jade plant can be poisonous if your cat eats them.

Symptoms of Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of muscle function
  • Slow heart rate
If cats ingest jade plant's thick wooden stems or plump oval leaves, they are likely to have symptoms such as vomiting, drowsiness, ataxia and low heart rate. So we don't propagate jade plant at home to prevent them from eating by mistake.

Treatment of Jade Plant Poisoning in Cats

If your cat eats jade plant by mistake and shows any serious symptoms, the owner should be sent to the emergency veterinary clinic or animal hospital immediately. If your cat has mild symptoms, monitor them for at least the next 24 hours.

How To Prevent Your Cats From Jade Plant?

1. Sprinkle the Jade Plant with Lemonade

Cats like to bite jade plant, so let's spray some unpleasant smells on jade plant, such as lemonade. Cats hate the smell of lemonade. Therefore, spraying lemonade can also help jade plant escape the cat's claws.

2. Spray Jade Plant with Bitter

Add a few parasitic vines around jade plant, or spray some bitter on the plant leaves, so that the cat won't bite jade plant again.

3. Water Gun Punishment

When the cat is biting jade plant, the owner should give severe reprimand and punishment. If the cat does not change after repeated education, it can be punished with a water spray gun to make the cat get rid of the habit of biting jade plant.
Cats are naturally curious. They like to smell or bite when they see jade plant at home. For the safety of the cat, the owner had better teach the cat to stay away from the jade plant, or spray some lemonade on the jade plant to avoid accidental poisoning.