How To Save My Overwatered Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

Feb 16 2022

How To Save My Overwatered Jade Plant?
As we all know, jade plant has relatively hard leaves and thick touch. It has high ornamental value to maintain at home. The growth habit of jade plant is a kind of plant that is not resistant to waterlogging but is relatively drought resistant. Therefore, more watering has a great impact on it. So what should we do if we accidentally pour too much water during the maintenance of jade plant?

Signs Of A Overwatered Jade Plant

  • Yellowing Leaves
  • Dropping Leaves
  • Soft Leaves
  • Very Dry Leaves
  • Root Rot

How Do You Save An Overwatered Jade Plant?

Dry up the soil 

If the blade of jade plant feels very soft or even droops its head due to excessive watering, we may also need to remove the basin and replace the soil and replace the wet soil, so as to continue the maintenance.

Cut Off Affected Parts

If we water jade plant too much, it is easy to cause root rot and root rot. if we do not deal with it in time, jade plant's leaves will slowly turn yellow and eventually wither.
First of all, we should pull up the jade plant with rotten roots, remove all the old soil, separate the soil from renewal, just check the condition of rotten roots, cut off all rotten roots, wipe the scissors with alcohol before pruning, and cut off all rotten roots until the incision is completely healthy.
how to save overwatered jade plant


When we carry out jade plantrepotting, if the small pot is directly removed, we can slowly wash off the soil with clean water. For the large pot, gently pat the pot first, and then slowly remove the soil when there is a crack in the soil. Remove the surrounding soil with a small shovel. Then wash the soil gently with clean water. And prune some diseased roots, injured roots and withered roots.

How Often To Water A Jade Plant?

We water jade plant during the maintenance period. Generally, we water it once every 2-3 days in spring and autumn, and every other day or every day in summer. In winter, the temperature is low, and the plant does not need much water. We can water it once every 10-15 days. The specific watering methods are as follows:
We can slowly pour water into the flowerpot. Don't pour a lot of water at once. Stop when there is water flowing out at the bottom of the flowerpot. It should be noted that the water we pour on jade plant should be clean. Tap water should be dried for 2-3 days before use.


Jade plant is afraid of waterlogging. Once too much watering exceeds the range that jade plant can absorb, it will lead to ponding in the basin soil. Thus, the roots gradually rot, the nutrition in the basin soil is difficult to be absorbed, and the problem of yellow leaves will gradually appear. We can choose to propagate Jade plant in time.
If we find that the leaves of jade plant turn yellow and begin to wither, we must just find out the situation at this time, whether it is too much watering or insufficient light, and improve the maintenance environment in time. Generally, it takes 4 ~ 6 weeks to recover. Watering jade plant should not only control the frequency, but also pay attention to the methods. We should not spray it directly on the leaves or branches, Just pour it directly into the soil.
When you are in jade plant, you can add some small stones or ceramsite to the soil. Pine needle soil is also very good. We need to enlarge the gap in the soil, so that when watering, more water will flow out with the gap, and basically there will be no problems.