How to Save My Jade Plant Soft Wrinkled Leaves

Written by Ivy

Apr 29 2022

How to Save My Jade Plant Soft Wrinkled Leaves
The main reason why Jade Plant has Soft Wrinkled Leaves is that we don't water jade plants properly. It may also be the reason for improper lighting. Adjust the sunshine and keep the jade plant under suitable lighting. It may also be due to the low temperature in the growing environment. In autumn and winter, we must move the jade plant indoors as soon as possible and maintain an appropriate temperature to avoid the emergence of soft twisted leaves jade plant.

No Ventilation

If the basin soil is hard and loose, the root system cannot breathe effectively, resulting in soft twisted leaves jade plant. Therefore, loosen the soil regularly to keep it in a breathable and well drained environment. In addition, we can change the basin every spring and choose loose, breathable and well drained soil.

High Humidity

In the process of breeding jade plant, in terms of moisture, the first thing is that the pot soil should have moderate humidity, and the flower pot should also be breathable and have good drainage. Otherwise, too much ponding can easily lead to soft twisted leaves jade plant. Another point is that the watering of jade plant should also be seasonal.

Too Much or Too Little Watering Frequency

Excessive watering or long-term basin soil drought will lead to soft twisted leaves jade plant. Therefore, each watering must be carried out in an appropriate amount. During the spring and autumn growth period, watering can be carried out once every 3-4 days. Water once every 1-2 days in summer and keep the basin soil slightly dry in winter.

Excessive Fertilization

As a necessary part of jade plant's propagating and precautions, the method of fertilization also has great attention. First of all, the jade plant grows rapidly, but in order to maintain its rounded shape, fertilization should not be excessive and the concentration should not be too large, which will lead to soft twisted leaves jade plant. We'd better fertilize it when it grows most vigorously.

Long Term Exposure

If jade plant is in the environment of lack of light or exposure for a long time, it will lead to soft twisted leaves jade plant. Therefore, we should keep enough sunlight in growing, so as to promote the growth of branches and leaves. When the light is relatively strong, it is necessary to do a good job in shading and prohibit exposure.

Low Temperature

If jade plant is in a warm environment for a long time, jade plant will like it. Therefore, to maintain the most suitable growth temperature between 20-30 degrees, control the temperature above 10 degrees in winter, and it is best to place it in a warm and sunny position.