How To Repot Jade Plant?

Written by Ivy

Jan 29 2022

How To Repot Jade Plant?
Repotting Jade Plant is very important and we should repot the growing jade plants once every 2 to 3 years. Jade plant was originally born in southern Africa. It is a succulent plant of Crassulaceae. Unlike other succulent plants, jade plant is a tree-type succulent plant, which can grow up to 3 meters. Jade plant's leaves are fleshy, very plump and shiny. Jade plant's leaves are green, like carved with Jasper. They are very beautiful. This is also the source of jade plant's name. In addition, it will bloom white flowers at the flowering time every year, which is very fresh and elegant. It is very suitable for our indoor potted plants. Jade plant is a plant with flowers and leaves, Moreover, jade plant grows very fast. If it is placed in a lush place at home, it will be more comfortable. However, when many people grow jade plant, they often don't change the pots for several years. The nutrients in the soil are absorbed, and the growth will become particularly slow, hindering the growth of roots. Moreover, malnutrition is very harmful to the plant. We must change the pots in time, Next, I'll introduce you a few steps to change the pot of jade plant to ensure more lush branches and leaves after changing the pot.

When To Repot Jade Plants?

The soil replacement of jade plant is generally carried out in combination with basin replacement, preferably in March and April in spring. Prepare flower pots of appropriate size, and the soil can be mixed with garden soil, rotten leaf soil and sandy soil. Take jade plant out of the original flower pot, remove the soil attached to the root and retain a little original soil at the root. Cut off the rotten roots, old roots and long roots of jade plant, trim them and sterilize them. Put the prepared soil into the flower pot, straighten and propagate jade plant again.

How To Repot A Jade Plant?

Debasing Treatment

It's not easy for jade plant to take off the pot, especially for large plants. Because of the growth of roots, the soil and the inner wall of the pot have been closely connected. First, we can beat around the pot hard, which has a certain effect. It can shake the connection between the soil and the pot, and then prepare a shovel or knife to move along the inner wall of the pot to completely cut off their connection, At this time, you can tilt the jade plant, pat the bottom of the flowerpot, and then hold the branches and gently lift them out, so that you can take off the flowerpot.
how to repot jade plant

Trim Jade Plant Roots

We can put on a pair of gloves, and then we can pinch some of the soil wrapped with the roots, and then shake them all, leaving only a little soil to make it adapt to the new basin soil faster. After the soil is cleaned, we can check the roots. If there are some rotten roots or broken roots, we can trim them, This can promote the growth of new roots and is very good for the plant. Prepare a pair of scissors disinfected with alcohol, then trim off the broken roots, and then prepare some sterilization solution, soak the root system of jade plant in it for sterilization, take it out and dry it in a ventilated place after 20 minutes.

Jade Plant Basin Changing Process

First of all, we should prepare a larger flower pot to facilitate the root growth of jade plant. As for the soil, we can prepare some humus, vermiculite and hematite soil, which are mixed in the ratio of 2:1:1. The soil fertility, air permeability and drainage effect are very good. Lay some ceramsite at the bottom of the pot to increase the drainage effect, and then sprinkle some organic base fertilizer to maintain the long-term nutrition of the soil, In this way, the pot can be cultivated. After the pot is placed, the soil can be compacted. Some Maifan stones can be placed on the surface of the soil to make it more tidy and beautiful. Pour through the root fixing water, and move the flower pot to a cool and ventilated place to make it adapt to the new pot soil. It will almost take the pot in about a week. At this time, it can accept some scattered light and then maintain it normally.

Precautions for Jade Plant Repotting

  1. When we replace jade plant with a new basin, we can make the edge of the new basin about one centimeter higher than the soil in the basin to prevent water from flowing out of the basin edge during watering. If the indoor temperature is relatively low, do not water to prevent rotten roots.
  2. When we move jade plant into a new basin, we can cover the water outlet hole at the bottom of the basin with stones and put 5cm thick stones, broken bricks, etc. to facilitate drainage. It is best to use half of the mountain soil and half of the rotten leaf soil for the new soil, and add an appropriate amount of branches and other things to facilitate drainage and ventilation.
  3. We'd better not change the basin of jade plant in winter. Of course, if your home has heating and is placed in a sunny place, you can change the basin of jade plant. In such a suitable growth environment, it will grow in winter.