How to grow Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren in autumn

Written by Maggie

Aug 24 2021

How to grow Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren in autumn

Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren needs watering appropriately. In the autumn water every three days to once, at the same time every half a month time topdressing under time, can promote the formation of flower bud.Daily lighting time needs to maintain 8 hours.Light is strong in the early autumn period, at this time pay attention to the appropriate shade. Under the condition that the outdoor temperature is appropriate, it can be placed in the outdoor environment maintenance.

Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

1. Water well for Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

How Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren watered in autumn was the key factor. schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren had a high requirement for water in autumn. At this time, water should be watered every 3 days, and the amount of water should be more than that in summer.

2. Apply phosphate potash fertilizer for Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

Autumn is also the stage of flower bud differentiation of Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren, and nutrient requirements are also relatively high. At this time, liquid phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied every half month, and the roots can be irrigated. After flowering, some decayed nitrogen fertilizer can be applied, which can promote the growth of Schlumbergera BridgesII Lofgren.

Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

3. Plenty of light for Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

When Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren was cultivated in autumn, the light was also indispensable, which needed to be given 8 hours of light every day. The light was still strong at noon in early autumn, and appropriate shading treatment was needed at this time. It could be placed in the environment with light in the morning and afternoon.

4. Ventilation maintenance of Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren

Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren cultivation should also maintain a good ventilation environment. Outdoor is the best environment for Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren cultivation. If the outdoor temperature is appropriate, Schlumbergera Bridgesii Lofgren cultivation can be placed in an outdoor ventilated environment, and then moved into the indoor environment for curing when night falls.

Schlumbergera bridgesii Lofgren