How to grow Echeveria Rolly in summer

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to grow Echeveria Rolly in summer

To maintain Echeveria Rolly in summer, the temperature should be controlled between 20 ℃ and 30℃, and water should be sprayed on the air and blade surface in time. In summer, the light is strong, so proper shade protection for Echeveria Rolly is needed. As summer temperatures rise, water it once a day to keep the soil moist. Turn the soil frequently for Echeveria Rolly to promote root absorption.

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Echeveria Rolly 

1. Temperature control of Echeveria Rolly 

The suitable growth temperature of echeveria rolly is between 20 ℃ and 30℃. A suitable temperature can promote the continuous growth of Echeveria Rolly. Echeveria Rolly stops growing in summer when temperatures rise and the environment dries out, exceeding 35 ° C. Water should be sprayed in the air and on the leaf surface to cool and moisturize the leaves, effectively promoting the growth of Echeveria Rolly.

2. Shade protection of Echeveria Rolly

Due to the strong light in summer, proper shade protection should be provided for Echeveria Rolly to avoid sunburn of leaves caused by strong light. Maintain the Echeveria Rolly in a well-ventilated and bright place to ensure proper sunlight scattering, so that the Echeveria Rolly can continue to carry out photosynthesis. Echeveria Rolly grows in dark places after long-term maintenance.

Echeveria Rolly 

3. Water control of Echeveria Rolly

The Echeveria Rolly is not waterlogged and should be watered thoroughly every time to avoid the root rot caused by stagnant water. As summer temperatures rise, water it once a day to keep the soil moist. The growth of Echeveria Rolly can be promoted effectively by waiting for the soil surface to become dry and then watering to ensure alternate wet and dry soil.

4. Notes for breeding Echeveria Rolly

Echeveria Rolly likes loose and fertile soil to keep the soil breathable and can add some silt and stone. When the curing time was too long, and the soil appeared to harden, then the root of Echeveria Rolly could not breathe freely. It is necessary to turn the soil for Echeveria Rolly frequently and select larger flowerpots to effectively promote the continuous growth of the Echeveria Rolly.

Echeveria Rolly