How to grow cactus in autumn

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow cactus in autumn

Cactus is a very bright light plant, and autumn cultivation needs to give sufficient illumination time.At the same time every 20 days to topdressing nitrogen fertilizer, can promote the growth of cactus. The cactus drought-resistant ability is extremely high, and it doesn't need too much water daily, can according to the principle of dry to soak in a timely manner to hydrate, and maintain a good ventilation environment, avoiding diseases and insect pests.


1. Get plenty of light for Cactus

Cactus are light plants. In time irradiation of strong light won't cause very big harm to the plant, but the irradiation of the lack of light plants will appear a withered phenomenon, so in daily life we need to give cactus more light.

2. Fertilizer application for Cactus

Autumn breeding cactus also need proper dressing, and it can be every 20 days of time dressing. Fertilization time can be chosen in the early morning. If the soil at this time is dry, you need to soak it first, then dressing fertilizer. In autumn, using more nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of cactus.


3. Water thoroughly for Cactus

Cactus water storage capacity is very high. In the autumn the water demand is not very high, and if frequently watering, it is easy to rot root phenomenon. So in the autumn cactus cultivation is best in accordance with the principle of dry and thoroughly watered.

4. Good ventilation for Cactus

Autumn cactus cultivation also need to maintain a good ventilation environment, otherwise it is easy to appear pests and diseases, especially in the indoor environment breeding. Closed environments increase the incidence of leaf spot disease and starbuck, at this time it is best to move it into a well-ventilated environment for maintenance.