How to propagate peach

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate peach

Peach is a very practical fruit tree. There are a lot of ways to propagate Peach trees, such as grafting, sowing, division, and cutting. Let's introduce each of these propagation methods of peach.

these propagation methods of peach

Sowing propagation method of peach

The flowering period of peach is from March to April, and the fruit ripening period is from June to August. Harvest mature fruit, pile up mash, remove pulp, dry to collect pure seedling seeds can be autumn sowing propagation. Soak seeds for 5-7 days before peach sowing propagation. Those who sow in autumn germinate early the next year, have a high rate of emergence, and grow rapidly and strongly. The next spring should be sown and the seeds should be stored in wet sand for more than 120 days. Adopts the drill, the strip 10 cm, the depth 1-2 cm, after sowing covers the soil 6 cm.25- 30 kg of seeds per 667 square meters. Seedling 3 cm high time seedling, seedling, plant spacing 20-25 cm.

Grafting propagation method of peach

The breeding stock is mostly the seedling of peach or peach (the stock), and the survival rate of branch grafting and bud grafting propagation of peachis high.

Branch grafting propagation: in early spring, when the buds have begun to bud. Commonly cut grafts, rootstocks with one or two years of seedling is better.

Bud grafting propagation: in summer, the use of "Ding" shaped grafting.Rootstock with full annual seedling is better.

Cutting propagation of peach

Cuttings selection for cutting propagation

Peach cuttings vary in length depending on their quality, but require strong annual shoots with at least 2 knobs and a bud.

Cutting propagation processing

The upper end of the cuttings for cutting propagation is cut into a flat mouth, and the lower end is cut into an inclined section, which can increase the basic area of the section and the soil, which is more conducive to absorbing water and promoting survival. Also keep three or four buds on each cutting, with a few leaves attached.

these propagation methods of peach

Soil treatment for cutting propagation

Cutting substrate into wooden cases or plastic boxes, and then for the substrate loose soil, as far as possible to keep loose and breathable soil.

Cutting propagation process

After loosening the soil, insert the cuttings into the culture soil. Then press the soil around the cuttings. After watering them appropriately, cover the cuttings for cutting propagation with plastic film and place them in a shade for maintenance.

Maintenance after cutting propagation

In the later period of cutting propagation, water supply should be timely to ensure the water supply of plants. Uncover the plastic film every morning and evening for ventilation; After about a week, the plant will have roots and new shoots. You can remove the plastic wrap, but you need to keep the soil moist.

Layering propagation method of peach

Peach layering propagation is a method of propagation in which the branches attached to the mother plant form adventitious roots and then cut away from the mother plant to form a new individual. In layering propagation, circular peeling is performed in order to interrupt the downward transport of organic matter such as sugar, auxin, and other substances from the upper ends of leaves and branches, allowing these substances to accumulate in the upper part of the treatment for rooting. Application of 1BA auxin to annular stripping can promote rooting.

these propagation methods of peach