How to grow and care for Ivy Geranium

Written by Maggie

Feb 25 2021

How to grow and care for Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium is a perennial climbing or groping herb in the Geraniac family. When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium, we need to know its growing habits first. Next, let's look at how to grow and care for Ivy Geranium.

Soil care for growing Ivy Geranium 

When we grow and care for ivy Geranium, pot culture soil can be 4 humus soil, garden soil (or peat soil) 3, river sand (or perlite) 2, organic fertilizer 1 part of mixed culture soil, and can also be fine sand soil, humus soil, perlite and organic fertilizer mixed preparation. Potted Ivy Geranium, to be potted in the fall.

Illumination care for growing Ivy Geranium

In the direct sunlight under the growth of robust, dark green leaves, short internode, plant shape is beautiful. When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium in summer, we need shading 30% ~ 50%. When the family breeds, 3 seasons of autumn winter spring should be put in the place that has direct sunlight, indoor appreciation can be moved when flowering, but after the flower, still should be put in an illuminating place. Ivy Geranium is pleasant to sunshine, insufficient light, not flowering; Flowering period should avoid direct light, otherwise, petal scorched dry, easy to fall.

Temperature care for growing Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium likes warm, avoid high temperature, afraid of cold.The suitable temperature for the growth of Ivy Geranium is 15 ~ 25℃, and the indoor temperature should be kept at 10℃ in winter.Vulnerable to chilling damage below 3℃, but some species can tolerate low temperatures of 0℃.In summer, when the temperature exceeds 35℃, it enters a semi-dormant state.

Watering care for growing Ivy Geranium

Watering is appropriate, rather dry not wet. Spring and autumn growing seasons should meet sufficient moisture, so that the basin soil often keeps wet, but can not water; In the low temperature cloudy days, generally do not water, do not fertilize; When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium in summer, water less. The high temperature season in the north is the rainy season, the plant root system is weak at this period, should avoid excessive rain water;

care for Ivy Geranium

Continuous rain will cause root rot. When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium, it should be placed in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Winter can be watered according to the indoor temperature, low room temperature should be less watering, high room temperature can be more watering. Ivy Geranium has strong drought resistance and will not dry out after a few days without watering, but the old leaves will turn yellow and fall off.

Fertilization care for growing Ivy Geranium

When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium, liquid fertilizer should be applied every 10 ~ 15 days, while liquid fertilizer should be applied every 7 ~ 10 days during the vigorous growth of spring and autumn. Before budding, nitrogen fertilizer is the main fertilizer, after budding, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is the main fertilizer, the concentration of 0.1% ~ 0.2% is appropriate. If the room temperature is relatively high in winter, and the growth has not stopped, fertilization should also be applied. When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium, fertilization should be stopped when plants are in a semi-dormant state during high temperature in summer. Because its stem and leaf have pubescence, after fertilizing, they want to rinse immediately with clear water.

Pruning care for growing Ivy Geranium

When we grow and care for Ivy Geranium, often peel off the yellow leaves, after the flower withers, we need to prune the plant short cut, this work can be combined in the late summer and early autumn when the basin for soil. Before turning over the pot, cut off the Ivy Geranium from about 3-4 stem nodes with a sharp knife, leaving about 10-15 cm of the stem (called back).

Ivy Geranium common pests and diseases

Thrips, fungus gnats, and spider mites can infect ivy geraniums in poorly ventilated greenhouse conditions. Leaf spot disease, as pictured, can afflict plants that are over watered.

Ivy Geranium propagation method 

Ivy Geranium can be propagated by cutting and sowing, mainly to cutting. Cutting can be rotted in all seasons except the high temperature season in summer. Cut the strong branches, about 10cm long, and let them dry for a few hours (keeping only one or half of the leaves on the top). Insert them into clean river sand, about 3cm deep, and place them in a shady place. Keep the soil moist and rooting for about a month. Sowing is usually followed by sowing and emergence of seedlings is very easy.

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