Pelargonium peltatum (Ivy Geranium) profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 25 2021

Pelargonium peltatum (Ivy Geranium) profile

Ivy Geranium (Latin scientific name: Pelargonium peltatum (L.) Ait.) is a perennial climbing or entangling herb of Geranium in the seedpod family. Ivy Geranium is 40-100 cm in length. Stems are 3-10 mm thick, angular, much branched, smooth or barely glabrous. Inflorescences of cormes axillary, several flowered, pedicels and pedicels pubescent.  

Ivy Geranium picture

Ivy Geranium

Morphological characteristics of Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium is a climbing or twining perennial herb, 40-100 cm long. Stems are 3-10 mm thick, angular, much branched, smooth or barely glabrous. Leaves of Ivy Geranium are alternate, slightly fleshy; Stipules are large, triangular cordate, petiole inserted within leaf margin; Leaf blade of Ivy Geranium is suborbicular, 5-7 cm in diam., pentagonal lobed or sometimes sub entire, lobes broadly triangular, apex obtuse, margin lashes. Inflorescences of Ivy Geranium are axillary, flowered several, pedicels and pedicels pilose; Pedicels are 6-10 mm long, pilose, below calyx distance; Sepals of Ivy Geranium are lanceolate, ca. 1 cm long, smooth or slightly pilose; Corolla magenta, upper 2 dark-striped (petals usually of the same color in cultivated species), lower 3 separated from each other.

Ecological habits of Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium originated in southern Africa. Ivy Geranium likes a warm, humid and sunny environment. Ivy Geranium cold resistance is poor, afraid of moisture and high temperature. The optimum temperature for growth is 13 ~ 19℃ from spring to autumn, and 10 ~ 12℃ in winter. In summer Ivy Geranium was half dormant state, should be strictly controlled watering. Ivy Geranium prefers fertile, loose and well drained sandy loam. Winter temperature is not less than 10℃, short time can withstand 5℃ low temperature.

Distribution region of Ivy Geranium

China has introduced cultivation. Ivy Geranium is native to southern Africa.

Ivy Geranium propagation methods

Planting: Potted Ivy Geranium, pot soil can be leaf rot soil mixed with appropriate amounts of sand soil and rice chaff ash, plus a small amount of bone meal. Spring, autumn can be carried out, and spring indoor pot sowing is better. The suitable temperature for Ivy Geranium germination is 20-25℃. Geranium seed is not big, the covering soil after sowing should not be deep, 2-5 days germinate. Autumn sowing can flower in summer in the second year. After sowing, the seedlings can be selected and bred into excellent intermediate varieties. 

Cuttings: Ivy Geranium is usually propagated by cutting. Spring and autumn can be carried out, but the survival rate is high in spring. At this time, the shoot is strong and the humidity is suitable for growth. The specific method is to cut 6-8 cm long branches with terminal buds, cut the lower end under the joint, cut off the base leaves, cut dry, inserted into the basin filled with vermiculite or plain sand soil, deep 1/3 to 1/2, pour 1 permeable, place open air direct sunlight. After that, water once every 2 days, and root about 20 days under the condition of 18-20℃. Put on the pot until the roots are 2-3 cm long.After the basin first put the shade of slow seedlings for 1 week, see a new leaf germination, can be transferred to normal management. After colonization and survival, the heart was picked once and the branches were promoted. Avoid prolonged dampness. 

Ivy Geranium

How to grow and care for Ivy Geranium

Soil: the basin soil can be leaf rot soil mixed with sand and rice chaff ash, plus a small amount of bone meal, or commercial culture soil or loose sandy loam rich in organic matter is better. 

Water: 1-2 days in autumn and winter water 1 time, but the sun is shining the best day water 1 times a day, especially when the plant grows lush, leaves and evaporation speed is fast, must pay attention to supplement enough water. Watering at ordinary times does not need to be too much, otherwise it will cause the leaves of Ivy Geranium to turn yellow, poor plant growth, and can not form a robust bud. 

Sunshine: Ivy Geranium likes sufficient light. It can grow well in full or half sunshine in autumn and winter. In the flowering period, Ivy Geranium can be enjoyed in a bright indoor place. 

Fertilizer: should be mixed in the culture soil, into the flowering period 1-2 weeks after the liquid fertilizer. In order to make Ivy Geranium blossom constantly, to apply thin decayed cake fertilizer water, generally applied 1 times every 10 days is appropriate.

Trim and trim: Because Ivy Geranium grows rapidly, trim and trim should be done every year. Prune the plants at least three times a year.  

Prevention and control of diseases and pests of Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium is susceptible to bacterial leaf spot damage, resulting in leaf damage or death, reduced photosynthesis, is bound to affect the flowering. Drug control: spray 1000 units of agricultural streptomycin, or application of 14% colloid copper 300 times the solution, or 50% xiazim 1000 times the solution.

The main value of Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium has strong adaptability, bright color, long flowering period, suitable for indoor display, flower bed layout, etc.

Ivy Geranium