How to grow and care for Columbine

Written by Maggie

Apr 13 2021

How to grow and care for Columbine

Columbine is unique in shape and looks like a sense of indescribable nobility. Because of its beautiful appearance, it naturally becomes an ornamental plant. So how to grow Columbine? The following are details of growing Columbine care.

Soil care for growing Columbine

For potted columbines, select a larger pot and put soil in the pot. It can be sandy soil with good drainage or leaf rot soil rich in humus. When we grow and care for Columbine, a little base fertilizer should be added to the soil.

Light and temperature care for growing Columbine

Columbine likes cool climate, avoids high temperature but can withstand cold, needs to keep adequate light. The growing temperature of columbines should be kept between 15 ° C and 35 ° C, and the light should be moderate to avoid summer heat and sun exposure. When we grow and care for Columbine, shading should be carried out at this time, or the potted plants of columbines should be kept in a semi-shady place.

Watering and fertilizing care for growing Columbine

Columbine needs to be managed properly with watering and fertilization. When the Columbine is in full bloom, water should be given. When we grow and care for Columbine, the amount and frequency of water should be determined according to the dry and wet degree of the soil in the pot, but water should not be collected. Drought weather needs timely drainage, after rain needs timely drainage, pay attention to maintain a certain air humidity. Fertilization requires medium fertility. Fertilizer can be applied once a week, but the concentration should not be too high. Be careful to stop applying fertilizer in the fall and apply some phosphate and potash fertilizer before the Columbine blossoms to make them more showy.

Columbine care

Pruning care for growing Columbine

When we grow and care for columbines, they need to be plucked to control the height of the plant during growth. After flowering, the remains of the columbines can be cut off, so that the columbines can be treated as leaf-watching plants.

Columbine diseases and insect pests

The main pest of Columbine is aphid, which is very harmful and can cause Mosaic disease. In addition, there is also the harm of powdery mildew, which needs timely and reasonable treatment.

Columbine propagation methods

Columbine is basically propagated by splitting or sowing, which can be spring or fall sowing, and division usually occurs in the fall.

Columbine care