How to propagate cherry

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to propagate cherry

Cherry color is red, the appearance is small and delicate, for the people who love red, represents the happy and peaceful consciousness. Again, the taste of cherries is not particularly heavy, as a shallow taste, and modern people like to take photos, are very good first fruit. So what are the methods for cherries to propagate? Let's see the propagation methods of cherry.

propagation method of cherry

1. Sowing propagation method of cherry

After the cherry harvest, the peel and flesh cut out the pit, and wash the flesh in addition to the attached pit, and then put it in the shade to dry for 1-2 days for sowing propagation of cherry. When sowing seeds will be directly in the shallow pot seeds, about 10- 30 days after germination. When the seedlings are five to ten centimeters long, place them in a plastic pot. Cherry seeds germinate easily, but their germination is not orderly, and the seeds produced by some plants often lack vigorous embryos, and the germination rate is often less than 30%. The age of the results was later and the quality of the seedlings varied greatly.

2. Cutting propagation method of cherry

During the growth of the spring house, select the semi-mature robust branches with a diameter of 0.7--1.2 cm, each section is 15--20 cm long, with 4--6 attached leaves, which are inserted in river sand, vermiculite or peat soil or several mixtures to be suitable for the medium of seedling bed. The cutout should be kept moist and shaded. After the 1.5-2 months after cutting propagation, it will take the roots, to be the root group growth and then transplant. If the cutting propagation method is managed face to face, there will be a 60- 90% survival rate. The cutting propagation method of cherry is simple and the success rate is the highest.

3. High-altitude layering propagation method of cherry

When we apply the high-altitude layering propagation method of cherry, pick branches that are more than two years old and peel them in a ring near the node (breaking down the phloem and causing the cambium above). Then put moist antler grass in a transparent plastic bag to cover the wound and tie the upper and lower ends. When rooted, it is cut below the layering site and potted into a new plant. Cherry is usually selected in the vigorous growth period (in late spring and early summer), easy to root. Although the rooting is easy, the effect varies greatly among varieties.

propagation method of cherry