How to grow and care for Chameleon plant

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to grow and care for Chameleon plant

Chameleon plant can be planted all year round. Of course, it is better to plant in February to March in spring. The following is a summary of the growing methods of the Chameleon plant and Chameleon plant care.

grow and care for Chameleon plant

Steps to grow Chameleon plant

1.Growing time

Chameleon plant growing time can be in all seasons, but winter, spring and early summer planting can be harvested in the same year, sowing from late February to mid-March is generally appropriate

2. Sasin soil selection

Pot selection, flower friends should choose in advance to open shallow ditch seedlings and transplanting pots or other containers, pots are generally recommended with ceramic.

The preparation of soil, generally loose fertile neutral or slightly acidic soil, it is recommended to use sandy soil or sandy soil.

3. Seed selection

The seeds of chameleon plant must be healthy and full, and must not be used with diseases and pests or stored for a long time, which will affect the germination rate of seeds.

4. Growing method

The growing method of Chameleon plant can be as follows: the width of the groove is 3m, the groove is 50cm, and the depth of the groove is 25-30cm. In the compartment, the row spacing is 25 ~ 30cm, the ditch depth is 8 ~ 10cm, the ditch width is 12 ~ 15cm, the planting row spacing is 25 ~ 30cm, the plant spacing is 5 ~ 8cm, the seed should be covered with a layer of soil about 5 ~ 6cm thick after sowing.

grow and care for Chameleon plant

Care for growing Chameleon plant  

After sowing, the soil surface of Chameleon Plant will turn white. Pour water once to preserve soil moisture. When we grow and care for a Chameleon plant, in case of high temperature and drought, the soil should be kept moist for about 1 week after sowing, so as not to dry up the plant stems and reduce the germination rate. 

Once the seedlings of Chameleon plant were finished, 1 000 kg of decayed manure water or 5 kg of urea were poured every 667 m2 to extract seedlings. In the vigorous growth period of stems and leaves, 1 500 kg of manure water was poured or 10 kg of compound fertilizer was applied.Top dressing in June

One time, 667 m2 with compound fertilizer of 8 ~ 10 kg, to promote plant closure before the arrival of high temperature and drought. 

When we grow and care for Chameleon plant, Chameleon plant should be watered morning and evening when seedlings are dry after transplanting, and the soil should be wetted.Seedlings survive to before sealing, plough weeding and top dressing 2-3 times, the fertilizer is mainly nitrogen fertilizer. Each weeding combined with top dressing, 20~30 grams of urea can be applied per square meter, first dilute and then concentrate.Nitrogen fertilizer was mainly applied after each harvest to promote plant germination.

After entering the autumn harvest, it is mainly to apply phosphate and potash fertilizer, and soil for the winter, laying a good foundation for the germination of the next year. Dry season should be timely watering water, rainy season should be timely drainage, avoid pot for a long time.

grow and care for Chameleon plant