How to Grow and Care for Angelonia

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to Grow and Care for Angelonia

Angelonia is a common flower plant. Its flowering is very beautiful, so flower friends will also grow it at home. So how to grow and care for Angelonia? Let’s look down together.

When to Grow Angelonia

Plant Angelonia in late spring after all danger of frost is past.

Where to grow Angelonia

Grow angelonia on a site that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight in a container or the landscape.

How to Grow and Care for Angelonia

The flower Angelonia is warm, high temperature resistance, not cold resistance, strong adaptability to air humidity, like light.

Angelonia Soil Care

Angelonia is not strict in soil requirements. When we grow and care for Angelonia, it is suitable for growing in sandy loam with full sunlight or light shade and good drainage. It grows especially well in alkaline soil.

care for Angelonia

Angelonia Lighting Requirements

Angelonia loves light. When we grow and care for Angelonia, give it plenty of light so that it will grow better.

Angelonia Watering

Angelonia flowers like wet conditions. When we grow and care for Angelonia, make sure you water them well, but don't let the pot fill with water.

Angelonia Fertilizer

Angelonia is fond of fertilizer. When we grow and care for Angelonia, pouring fertilizer can be applied 10 to 15 days after pot planting, and once in the next 15 days or so.

Before open-air planting, putrefied organic fertilizer was applied to the soil as a top dressing. In the growing season, it was combined with irrigation and top dressing 2 ~ 3 times, about 5kg urea was applied per mu each time, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were applied 1 ~ 2 times in the flowering period.

Angelonia Pest Control

Common pests of Angelonia include whitefly, aphids, slugs and so on. When we grow and care for Angelonia, the control of mealworms and aphids can be carried out with 600 ~ 800 times liquid thistlephus net, 5% acetamiprid 800 times liquid or 25% Acetai (thiamethoxam) 2500 ~ 5000 times liquid.

Control slugs by dusting a mixture of 3.3% snail or 3% calcium arsenate at 1g per square meter. Common diseases include frost mildew, leaf spot and so on.

When Angelonia disease occurs, 1% Bordeaux liquid or 0.1% ~ 0.2% copper sulfate liquid spray can be used for drug control.

care for Angelonia

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