How To Care For Golden Barrel Cactus

Written by Maggie

Dec 10 2021

How To Care For Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden barrel cactus has a long life and is easy to grow. The adult Golden barrel cactus is strong and resplendent with high ornamental value. How to care for Golden barrel cactus? Let's look down together.

Golden Barrel Cactus Care Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Echinocactus Grusonii
Common Name Golden Barrel Cactus, Golden Ball
Uses Used as a roasting vessel
Origin Southwestern United States and northern Mexico
Light Care Bright, indirect sunlight
Soil Care Any well-draining soil
Temperature Care 50°F - 75°F(10°C - 23.8°C)
Humidity Care Low humidity
Watering Water infrequently
Pruning Care Trim damaged roots
Fertilizer Care Low nitrogen liquid fertilizer
Propagation By seed
Toxic No toxic effects
Flower Color Yellow flowers

Golden barrel cactus care for plant turning yellowing

When the Golden barrel cactus turns yellow, it should be handled in time according to different reasons. If there is too little sunlight, the plants should be moved to a sunny place with ventilation for maintenance, so that the plants can receive more sunlight. If there is too much water, the plants should be watered in time, and the soil should be kept dry after watering. The following are golden barrel cactus care for plant turning yellowing. (Read more about solving cactus turning yellow.)

1. Increase light

Golden Barrel Cactus is a light-tolerant plant. If the temperature is very low and there is no sun for a long time, it will easily cause the leaves to become soft and yellow. When we care for golden barrel cactus, we should increase light to provide sufficient light for golden barrel cactus.

2. Reduce watering

Golden Barrel Cactus does not have a high requirement for water. If it is watered frequently during the curing period, it will lead to water accumulation in the basin soil, and the respiration of the root system is blocked, leading to gradual yellowing of the leaves. When we care for golden barrel cactus, it is better to change the basin, and after watering, keep the soil dry and follow the watering principle of "see dry as wet".

3. Heating treatment

Golden barrel cactus likes to grow in warm climates, and if the environment temperature is below 5 ℃, the plants are prone to frost damage, the blade will follow yellow wither. When we care for golden barrel cactus, cut yellow leaves, the plant will be moved to the indoor light environment maintenance. When the temperature is very low, available wrapped in plastic, in order to have the effect of heat preservation.

4. Reduce fertilization

Golden Barrel Cactus does not have high requirements for fertilizer. If excessive fertilizer or raw fertilizer is applied during the growing season, the root system will be damaged and the leaves will gradually turn yellow. When we care for golden barrel cactus, the fertilizer should be stopped and the pot should be changed when necessary to improve the soil quality.

5. Strengthen ventilation

Golden barrel cactus like to grow in the ventilation breathable environment, especially in high temperature during the spring and summer. If placed in a closed environment for a long time, it can lead to a blade, the phenomenon of the hair becoming yellow. When we care for golden barrel cactus, move it to the scrooged environment during the spring and summer often should strengthen indoor air liquidity, in order to promote plant growth.

care for Golden barrel cactus

Golden barrel cactus care for plant rot

Friends like Golden barrel cactus worry about how to care for Golden barrel cactus if the plant rot? Because most of the water caused by careless, fertilization and temperature is too low, this will only need the rotten part resection with a knife, then put it in a cool, dry place to dry can restore normal management, mainly depending on the degree of decay for resection. It also needs to grow in the way it looks carefully found in the process of decay. Try to grow Golden Barrel Cactus at 25 to 30 ° C, with a minimum temperature of 15 ° C. The following are details of Golden barrel cactus care for plant rot.

1. Cut and dry

One of the reasons why Golden Barrel Cactus rotted was that it was damaged by germs caused by careless watering and fertilization. The other reason was that the root system rotted because it grew at a low temperature. When we care for golden barrel cactus , if there is only a little rot, we can directly use the blade to remove the rot along with the healthy parts on the side, and then smear wood ash on the cut and put it in a cool and dry place to dry.

2. Disinfection and removal

If the Golden Barrel Cactus is more rotting, and the rotting area is like a hollow, it should be cut off with a knife and spread quickly over the rotting area. Scatter the quicklime and remove the rotting area as you go, then leave the rotting area in a dry and ventilated place to dry. When we care for golden barrel cactus in the summer, take some hot sand to the rotting area and remove the rotting area, two or three times in a row, and then dry to a cool, ventilated place can be, so until the dry skin can be restored to normal management.

3. Endangered treatment

If Golden barrel cactus decay is particularly serious, decay by hollow, as long as the place in the middle of the part is good and can be saved in the bone marrow. When we care for golden barrel cactus, Golden tiger cactus basin processing off first, and then wipe out as far as possible will decay, repeated irrigation with 0.5% potassium permanganate solution, and then put it in a cool, dry place.

4. Spray rescue

In addition to the above solutions, we should also strengthen protection at ordinary times, once the problem of decay is found. When we care for golden barrel cactus, in addition to being particularly serious, we should immediately remove the location of the decay, and then spray dixone powder on the basin soil for disinfection.

5. Change the basin immediately

When we care for golden barrel cactus, replace the Golden barrel cactus as soon as you find it rotting. Dig the plants out of the soil and clean up the rotting roots with a razor blade. Don't put them in the pot until the wounds start to scar.

care for Golden barrel cactus