What and when to plant spring garden

Written by Joy

Sep 28 2020

What and when to plant spring garden
What and when to plant spring garden? As the saying goes, planting one millet in spring, and harvest ten thousand in autumn. For farmers and friends who like to grow vegetables, spring will usher in a good time to show their talents and break the soil for planting. Then the question is that there are so many kinds of crops, which are more suitable for planting in spring, and when is the appropriate time plant spring garden?
when to plant spring garden

Spring peanuts

Spring peanuts are more sensitive to the temperature during the sowing period. It is suitable for sowing from mid-April to mid-May. In terms of solar terms, it is better before and after rain. The specific sowing time can be 5-10 cm below the topsoil and the soil temperature is stable at 12 -15 degrees or more. For the South, in the years when the temperature is relatively early and faster, sowing can be done around the beginning of spring.


Eggplants are not cold-tolerant. They are generally planted in late March to mid-May. The planting temperature period requires 5-10 cm below the topsoil and the soil temperature should be stable above 12 degrees. From the south to the north, the south can be from late March to April Planting in early ten days, North China can be planted around late April, while Northeast China can be planted in mid-to-early May. If there is no frost in spring, planting can be done early in order to strive for early fruit, early maturity and morning market.

Spring cucumber

For spring cucumbers, they are generally planted from mid-March to mid-to-late April, requiring the end of the late frost period and the average daily temperature to stabilize above 18 degrees, but the specific planting period should be determined in conjunction with the sowing period. Therefore, spring cucumbers are generally sown 40 days before the local frost break, and they can be planted after the frost break.


Leeks are generally sown in spring from late March to mid-May. In southern regions with higher temperatures, they can be sown in advance to around February. The temperature and humidity at this stage are more suitable for the germination and growth of chives. When the temperature is stable at 15-18 degrees and the soil temperature of 5-10 cm below the ground is stable at 12 degrees or more, it can be planted at any time.


Normally, the sowing time of cotton is generally from late March to early mid-April. The sowing period requires that the daily temperature be stable at 10 degrees, and the soil temperature of 5-10 cm underground should reach 12 degrees or more, but if it is continuous rainy weather or low temperature Plant it when it is wet, otherwise it will cause rotted seeds and tooth rot. In addition, for soils with strong water and fertilizer retention capacity, slow rise in ground temperature, or saline-alkali soils, you can plant them appropriately and wait until the soil temperature stabilizes at about 14 degrees before planting.


Southern spring peppers are generally sown and cultivated from 11-12, transplanted and planted from January to February, and northern peppers are generally planted and cultivated from January to February, and transplanted and planted from April to May. The specific planting time depends on the local temperature, especially when the temperature is stable above 15 degrees.


Soybeans can be divided into spring soybeans and summer soybeans. Normally, in terms of regions from south to north, southern spring soybeans are generally sown from early February to February, spring soybeans in the Yangtze River Basin are generally sown from late March to early April, and spring soybeans in Huanghuaihai and the north are generally sown. You'd better sow in late April to early May.


Carrots prefer a cold growing environment, so spring carrots are generally sown from mid-February to early April, and can be sown when the temperature under the top soil is stable above 7-8 degrees. Carrots grown in greenhouses can be sown around mid-February, while carrots grown in open fields can be sown from mid-March to early-April.

Green onions

Spring onions planted in spring are generally over-summer scallions, which are usually sown and raised in February and April, and then transplanted and planted in April and June.


The sowing period of spring celery is generally in late January to February for seedlings, transplanting and planting from late March to mid-to-late April.
The above is the relevant information for you to plant plants in spring and when to plant them. Because the environment in spring is more suitable in all aspects, there are too many crops suitable for planting. You can choose several kinds of plants according to your hobbies, so that you can eat them anytime, anywhere.