Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care & Propagation Guide

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Nov 01 2021

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care & Propagation Guide
Fuyu persimmon tree fruit is a kind of fruit belonging to plant berries. The sweet persimmon of Fuyu persimmon tree can be eaten directly. Persimmons can be made into persimmons after drying. Persimmons taste very delicious. Of course, they are also the favorite of many children. The fruit of Fuyu persimmon tree cannot be eaten on an empty stomach. You can choose to eat it after dinner. You can't drink milk while eating persimmons. Brush your teeth after eating, because persimmons are high in sugar. If you eat your face, you have to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Persimmon
Common Name Diospyros Kaki
Uses Jellies, drinks, pies, curries and puddings
Origin China, Northeast India and northern Indochina
Light Care Plenty of light
Soil Care Heavy or sandy soils
Temperature Care 100 to 200 hours of temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity Care 36 to 48 inches of water annually.
Watering 10 minutes once or twice a week in the spring and summer
Pruning Care Prune off the tops of young Fuyu persimmon trees 
Fertilizer Care Improve soil texture and fertility
Propagation Commonly propagated by stem cuttings
Toxic Non toxic

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care in Detail

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care & Propagation Guide

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Watering

The watering amount of Fuyu persimmon tree should be determined according to the plant size of persimmon tree and soil moisture. The larger the Fuyu persimmon tree, the more sufficient the watering amount, the looser the soil, and the less frequent the watering. Especially during the spring growth period and autumn fruit bearing period, pour enough water. We should keep the soil humidity of Fuyu persimmon tree between 50% and 70%.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Soil

Fuyu persimmon tree does not have high requirements for soil. It can be planted anywhere, and the yield is relatively considerable. planting fuyu persimmon tree can make full use of the soil, effectively improve the ground coverage, improve the local climate, and play an important role in improving people's living environment. Fuyu persimmon tree likes to be wet and has strong cold resistance. It can grow in an environment with dry air and wet soil. However, the soil of Fuyu persimmon tree cannot have ponding.
After planting Fuyu persimmon tree, we should often turn over the soil to avoid too dry soil, which is not conducive to the absorption of water and nutrients by the roots of persimmon trees. Dig deep at least once a season. In addition, we should loosen the soil in time after the soil thaws in early spring, carry out intertillage and weeding in the spring growing season, and press turf soil on the tree tray to maintain Fuyu persimmon tree.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Light

We should know that planting Fuyu persimmon tree also requires skills. First of all, we should understand that Fuyu persimmon tree is a positive tree species, which must be planted in a sunny place. Secondly, the terrain of the selected place should be high, which is conducive to drainage. Next, we need to pay attention to the points in the planting process. We generally choose to plant from late November to the end of February of the next year. During the planting of Fuyu persimmon tree, pay attention to the density between plants and do not get too close. During this period, fertilization, spraying and pruning are basic operations. In winter, we should remember to prune pest branches, over dense branches, competitive branches, overlapping branches and Cross branches. In addition, we should pull or twist strong upright branches in order to make them become mother branches with good results.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Temperature

Many people don't know what is the most important in the planting technology and management of Fuyu persimmon tree persimmon tree. Fuyu persimmon tree is a thermophilic plant, so we'd better control the temperature between 10 ~ 30 ℃, so as to make Fuyu persimmon tree grow as long as possible. Basically, it is suitable for planting in the environment with an annual average temperature of 9 ~ 23 ℃, and it will not freeze and heat death.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Humidity

In winter, we have to keep Fuyu persimmon tree warm. Avoid plants from freezing and freezing death. We can whitewash Fuyu persimmon tree or cover the soil with straw mats. We should water the soil first and try to keep the thickness of grass cover between 15 ~ 20 cm, so as to warm the persimmon tree. We note that the range of grass cover is within the range of Fuyu persimmon tree crown. And after covering the grass, sprinkle a little soil to press the grass to prevent fire.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Fertilizer

Fuyu persimmon tree absorbs fertilizer because its roots grow deep and the concentration of fertilization cannot be too high. It can be fertilized in small amounts for many times. Fertilizer can be sprayed in combination with the surface of leaves, which is conducive to the nutritional needs of Fuyu persimmon tree. When topdressing Fuyu persimmon tree, we can choose to fertilize before flowering. For irrigation, Fuyu persimmon tree likes to be wet, so when it is found that the soil becomes very dry, it should be watered in time. When Fuyu persimmon tree bears fruit, it can be watered several times to promote the growth of branches and leaves.
Fuyu persimmon tree mainly has three kinds of fertilization, of which the most important is the nitrogen fertilizer to promote growth. It is suitable to be applied in the spring growth period to make Fuyu persimmon tree more robust. In addition to nitrogen fertilizer, potassium and phosphorus fertilizer are also important, but they are mainly applied before flowering and fruit bearing. If Fuyu persimmon tree is fertilized, it is better not to be too dense, and it can be applied once every half a month.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Pruning

If it is planted in your own yard, you need to pay attention to Fuyu persimmon tree pruning. Because not pruning too many branches in time will affect the brightness of the yard. In autumn, when the leaves fall, you can trim the branches that are too weak and dense. Pruning in summer can promote Fuyu persimmon tre to blossom and bear fruit in autumn. It can change its growth in autumn and the growth direction of branches. The pruning season can be selected in winter, summer and autumn. The young trees of Fuyu persimmon tre grow very vigorously. At this time, the auxiliary branches should be trimmed in time.
The cleaning of Fuyu persimmon tree in winter is to prepare for the flowering and Fruiting of the next year in advance. We should cut off the unhealthy branches and deal with the places affected by insects appropriately. Completely remove the pests, dead branches and diseased leaves of Fuyu persimmon tree from the source. Many pests will rely on Fuyu persimmon tree for winter, so we should pay attention to cleaning.
In the management of Fuyu persimmon tree after planting, we must pay attention to the pruning of Fuyu persimmon tree all year round. In spring, pay attention to pruning the side branches and cutting off the long branches and buds. In summer, we must have thinning branches and picking hearts, pick hearts from new shoots, and help persimmons produce fruit in the coming year. In addition, when pulling branches in autumn, we can make the shape of Fuyu persimmon tree better. In winter, we can thinly cut dense branches and weak branches and buds, and cut off dead branches of diseases and insects.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Repotting

Fuyu persimmon tree repotting is generally carried out in November or around April. At this time, the temperature environment is appropriate, which not only has a high survival rate, but also is easy to manage. Dead branches and dense leaves need to be trimmed during transplanting. Certain base fertilizer and culture soil should be applied at the bottom of the planting hole, and watering should be carried out the next day after planting. (Find more healthy fruit here.)

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Pest & Disease Control

For the unsuitable places for planting Fuyu persimmon tree persimmon trees, insect pests are more serious. For example, the most common is persimmon scale. It is also said that it is tree lice. If it is not controlled properly, persimmons will nibble at persimmons and endanger Fuyu persimmon tree, resulting in fruit drop and death. Secondly, persimmon trees often give birth to some tree Lazi, with prickly hair all over. After contacting the skin, they continue to itch for a long time.
I think we should pay attention to these two pests in Fuyu persimmon tree. This is not to protect the quality of Fuyu persimmon tree. However, if the persimmon tree planted at home affects our own life, I think we should make some choices, such as spraying pesticides at home, The safety can not be well guaranteed without spraying drugs. Pests not only threaten the growth of Fuyu persimmon tree persimmon tree, but also affect our lives, which is not worth it.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Propagation

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care & Propagation Guide

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Cutting Propagation

We can select the strong branches of the surviving trees for Fuyu persimmon tree cutting propagation, but the survival rate is generally low. Therefore, the time selection of Fuyu persimmon tree cutting propagation is very important. The cutting time is from the end of March to the beginning of April in spring. At this time, the temperature has warmed up, which is a good season for the growth of all things. Therefore, the survival rate of Fuyu persimmon tree cutting propagation will be greatly improved.
We can also choose one-year or two-year-old strong persimmon tree branches with good quality and health, cut them off and use them as cuttings, and keep the triangular shape at the incision. In this way, the contact area with the soil is relatively large, which is conducive to plant rooting. Keep two leaves on the top of the cuttings, preferably with new buds, and remove all the lower leaves to prevent the leaves from being buried in the soil and rotting. (Find more Winter Fruit here.)
Fuyu persimmon tree cutting propagation has relatively high requirements for soil. The soil is loose and ventilated, with good drainage. It is best to use sandy soil. It is best to apply fertilizer in advance as base fertilizer, or add some nutrient soil. In this way, there will be no ponding. Of course, if there is sand and soil, combined with some farmyard fertilizer, it is the best.
We can dip the cut Fuyu persimmon tree cutting with rooting powder, then insert it obliquely into the soil, and then pour an appropriate amount of water to keep the soil moist and promote plant rooting. After cutting, place the flowerpot in the sunny place without strong light. It also needs to be watered regularly to keep the temperature of the flowerpot at 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Fuyu persimmon tree can take root in about five to seven days. Although the asexual reproduction method of Fuyu persimmon tree is not used much and the survival rate is not high, it is very convenient for people who want to raise bonsai.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Division Propagation

In fact, Fuyu persimmon tree division distribution is relatively simple, and generally do not need too much management. Fuyu persimmon tree can produce many persimmons in autumn. Persimmon trees germinate in spring. Fuyu persimmon tree likes the sun, so it should be planted in a sunny place. Fuyu persimmon tree is afraid of waterlogging, so it is necessary to dig a ditch next to it. When planting, we can sprinkle some farm manure on the soil first, because the application of low fertilizer can make the new Fuyu persimmon tree grow better.
If you want Fuyu persimmon tree division propagation, you must first prepare the soil used for rooting its branches and the soil rooted after transplanting. Generally, you can mix humus soil, garden soil and sandy loam. Such mixed soil has loose and porous structure and certain basic fertility, which is suitable for the growth and development of Fuyu persimmon tree.
The persimmon tree is tall, so the general Fuyu persimmon tree division distribution cannot press the branches near the ground, but fix a container bearing soil on its branches, peel off the skin in the middle of its branches, cover the peeled parts of the branches with soil, water and maintain for a period of time, and wait for the parts that are removed from the soil to take root and survive.
When we peel the branches of Fuyu Persimmon Tree, disinfectant solution should be used to disinfect the tools and branches and the soil to prevent infection. In addition, we need to water it, but the water should not be too large. We should keep it moist and slightly add some nutrient solution to stabilize the ambient temperature around 25 degrees Celsius.
After some of the branches of Fuyu persimmon tree take root and take leaves in the soil, the connection between them and the mother plant can be cut off, and then the branches can be transplanted into the prepared loose and fertile new soil. It is best to retain some of the original soil to protect their new roots. Small plants can generally survive after watering and shading for a period of time.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Varieties

Fuyu / Jiro Persimmon Tree: 

This Fuyu persimmon tree varieties is the most popular variety on the list for good reasons. This Fuyu persimmon tree varieties is a medium-sized dark red orange fruit with light orange pulp. The fruit is sweet but not astringent, which is rare in persimmons.

Chocolate Persimmon Tree: 

This Fuyu persimmon tree varieties North American persimmon is unusually unsmooth, medium-sized and slender. The flesh is hard, dotted with chocolate spots, sweet and slightly cocoa.

Hachiya Persimmon Tree: 

This Fuyu perssimmon tree variations produces a large dark orange red fruit that is sweet when ripe. Hot summer needs to ripen the fruit to full maturity and eliminate its astringency.

Coffee Cake Persimmon Tree: 

This Fuyu persimmon tree variations is a unique fruit, similar to chocolate persimmon, named after its taste. This incredible fruit is sweet, rich and spicy.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Benefits

In autumn, every family in rural areas can see that refreshing persimmon cakes hang on trees like big lanterns. Usually everyone eats persimmon cakes. They may not be very concerned about the leaves on the Fuyu persimmon tree persimmon tree. So, what are the functions and effects of Fuyu persimmon tree leaves? Although the persimmon tree is not worth mentioning, it has certain effects and functions, such as calming the mind and helping sleep, reducing blood lipids, facilitating urination, reducing weight and swelling. Everyone can use it flexibly.
The leaves of Fuyu persimmon tree are also a precious food material. Persimmon leaves have this effect, can calm the mind, help sleep, beauty and skin care, dissipate senile spots, etc., and can be used as health products.
Fuyu persimmon tree leaves can also reasonably relieve summer heat and thirst, soften blood vessels, avoid cerebral arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease, diuresis, defecation, detumescence, weight loss and weight loss. It can reasonably prevent the occurrence of various diseases, improve immunity and resistance.

Fuyu Persimmon Tree Care FAQs

When is the best time to plant a fuyu persimmon tree?

It is very easy to plant Fuyu perssimmon tree. The best planting time of Fuyu perssimmon tree is generally in spring. Warm spring, whether sowing, cutting, or high pressure is very good. However, when the Fuyu persimmon tree has grown, it needs to be colonized. Usually from autumn to the next spring. In addition, during the colonization of Fuyu perssimmon tree, we should pay attention not to plant too densely, so as to avoid plants snatching nutrients from each other and hindering growth.

Fuyu persimmon tree size

Fuyu persimmon tree has a history of hundreds of years. Native Americans cherish Fuyu persimmon tree because of its taste, nutritional value and ability to hang on trees in winter. Persimmon trees have a long life span, up to hundreds of years. Generally, the crown diameter of fuyu persimmon tree size is about 6-10m and the height is about 5-8m. They often dry persimmons and store them, or use them to make delicious bread. Ripe persimmons taste sweet, like dates, while immature fruits are very astringent and have an unpleasant taste. Autumn fruits come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Persimmons can be large and round, medium and flat, and their texture ranges from crisp apple like to soft tomato like. The fruit on Fuyu persimmon tree can be eaten fresh, dry or in your favorite dessert recipe.
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