Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders - Is It Safe to Use?

Written by Ivy

Jan 10 2023

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders - Is It Safe to Use?

Diatomaceous earth is a relatively risk-free and organic way to get rid of spiders. Put those other pesticides away and learn how this inexpensive product can get rid of those pesky rodents from your home instead.

When one of these eight-legged, nightmare-inducing arachnids enters your garden, chances are if you have arachnophobia you reach for the nearest shoe or can of insecticide. You do not, however, need to use chemicals every time this occurs. Diatomaceous earth is a safe and efficient way to get rid of spiders in your backyard and garden.

Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders?

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders

Yes, Diatomaceous Earth kills spiders and other insects very efficiently. It is a perfect treatment for spiders and very effective due to its natural makeup. application to areas where spiders are hiding, causing the spider to come into contact with the fine layer of diatomaceous earth. To continue working, keep in mind that it must remain dry. Using a duster, you can apply it.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is made up of the fossilized remnants of microscopic, single-celled organisms called "diatoms," or hard-shelled algae that perished several million years ago. The diatoms accumulated into substantial deposits along the riverbeds, lakes, and streams throughout the United States, resulting in the formation of the soft, sedimentary rock fragments. The majority of diatomaceous earth available is "food grade," meaning that it has been evaluated and deemed safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Diatomaceous earth serves as a safe pesticide for use around the home and is also used in the production of a number of other widely used goods, such as paint, water filters, toothpaste, and some drinks and foods.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works on Spiders

Spiders either ingest or walk over the diatomaceous earth after it has been applied. Although diatomaceous earth resembles talcum powder to humans, it actually has sharp edges that poke and cut into spiders' hard exoskeletons when they walk on it. The jagged diatomaceous earth wounds cause the spiders to desiccate, or lose all of the fluids and oils from their bodies, according to Oregon State University. Death results from this drying out. The University of Florida claims that if the spider consumes the diatomaceous earth, they will also die.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, diatomaceous earth kills spiders by actually becoming lodged in their exoskeletons. This damage results in death by absorbing the oils and fats from their cuticles. This has abrasive edges that are sharp, which hastens the spider's demise. As long as the product is dry and undisturbed, diatomaceous earth for spider control will continue to be active and effective.

Applying Diatomaceous Earth for Spider Control

Spread a thin layer of diatomaceous earth on your lawn, around your plants, or wherever you see unwelcome spiders. You can apply the powder by sprinkling handfuls of it on your lawn or garden or by putting it in a dust spreader, which you can buy at hardware or home improvement stores. Wait until there is no rain in the forecast for at least two to three days before spreading the product, as diatomaceous earth needs the area it covers to be dry and remain as arid as possible to be effective. Adding more diatomaceous earth is required if it does rain.

It's crucial to identify their entry point into the house before attempting to kill or repel spiders. Most frequently, they enter through exterior cracks and gaps, or around doors and windows. Sprinkle a light layer of DE on top of these areas to target them with diatomaceous earth. Applying DE with a powder duster will allow you to fit it into tight or challenging spaces. Because you want to encourage the spiders to walk through it, a heavy application is not what you want. Diatomaceous earth can also be used to treat baseboards, wall voids, outlets, closets, and other areas where you've seen spiders, such as basements and storage spaces. With its microscopic sharp edges, diatomaceous earth kills insects by slicing them. These holes will let moisture escape until the insects become dehydrated and die. For the DE to work, they must come into contact with it directly. It will be effective against spiders and other insects like fleas, roaches, bed bugs, and more as long as the diatomaceous earth is kept dry. The DE can be cleaned up after about a week and reapplied if necessary. Cleaning up diatomaceous earth is fairly simple, but gloves and a mask are advised to prevent dust inhalation. There is not much DE that needs to be cleaned up around the home's exterior. You might need to reapply if it blows around or gets wet in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders

Indoor & Outdoor Application Instructions

  • Step 1: Focus on the damp, dark areas of your home and mark them with sticky notes. For instance, any utility rooms, basement rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Step 2: Focus on the entrances to your home and mark them with flags or sticky notes outside. Examples include your entire home's foundation and the doors, garage, and windows that lead inside.
  • Step 3: Please first apply in a 1/4" thick application around the locations that you marked outside and also inside. Basically, you can apply to window sills, by doors, and all the way around the foundation for the exterior. Additionally, inside, you should apply a coating that is approximately ½ thick to the places you marked.
  • Step 4: Concentrate on interior wall outlets and baseboards. To access those difficult-to-reach areas, you can use our pest pistol powder duster. Please remember to apply your rule to places like the corners of rooms.
  • Step 5: Please wait seven days before resubmitting your application. Please wait seven days before cleaning and reapplying at the same locations and following the same procedure.
  • Step 6: Please continue until the first truly heavy frost and repeat as necessary.

Tips to Use Diatomaceous Earth

In addition to spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, ants, and fleas can all be killed inside and outside of your home using diatomaceous earth in a secure manner. Although the product is secure, think about donning a mask when applying the diatomaceous earth because the dust particles are easily breathed in and may cause a slight irritation. Applying a thick layer of the product, which frequently scares off spiders, is another thing Mother Earth News advises users against doing. The best way to get rid of spiders and several other kinds of insects from your house is to lightly dust them.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders

Conclusion: Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Spiders?

A label on Diatomaceous Earth states that it kills spiders. Places with insects, like patios, outdoor sills, and the areas around windows and door frames, should be lightly coated with a thin layer of the product. You need to use a hand duster to apply this product.