Will Lysol Kill Spiders - Does All Types of Lysol Work?

Written by Ivy

Jan 30 2023

Will Lysol Kill Spiders - Does All Types of Lysol Work?

Lysol effectively deters spiders because it is poisonous to them. Although spraying Lysol on spiders won't instantly kill them, they will try to flee as far as they can before slowly dying. Spiders are not instantly destroyed by Lysol, but it can drive them away.

Does Lysol Kill Spiders?

Yes, Lysol does kill spiders by physically obstructing their ability to breathe. To accomplish this, block the body's respiratory openings, causing the victim to suffocate to death.

Alcohol and other antiseptic chemicals are mixed together to create the spray known as Lysol.

Lysol is perfect for breaking up eggs because of its low surface tension, which also gives it excellent penetrating and absorbing qualities. I will now go into great detail about whether Lysol kills spiders.

Will Lysol Kill Spiders

How Does Lysol Kill Spiders?

Insecticide sprays are widely available, and almost all of them contain a chemical neurotoxin that affects spiders' nervous systems as well as other insects.

There is no denying that insecticide sprays work quickly and effectively, but they also have drawbacks. Among other things, the impact on the environment and aquatic life is notable.

Insects breathe through openings in their bodies, as was mentioned above, and physically obstructing those openings will cause them to suffocate and die. Due to its high alcohol content, Lysol is designed for antisepsis. But it also contains Benzalkonium Chloride, which gives it its stickiness.

If Lysol is sprayed on the spiders, it will act similarly to any other sticky substance and either directly block the openings or cling to the legs and block them. Also capable of killing spiders is hairspray.

How Quickly Can Lysol Kill Spiders?

Humans typically cannot endure hypoxia (a lack of oxygen) for longer than 5 minutes. Spiders, however, can survive for up to 8 to 10 hours without oxygen, which will astound you.


So how quickly can Lysol kill spiders? The Spider will be rendered helpless as soon as you spray Lysol on it. Lysol takes 6 to 12 hours to kill a spider, even though it appears as though it has passed away instantly.

Depending on your preferences, you may decide to squash the Spider after it has been rendered unconscious to simplify the task.

How to Get Rid of Spiders Using Lysol?

Sometimes you might see a spider scurrying around your office or room but not have enough time to look for a spider repellent. To solve the problem in these circumstances, you might want to use a Lysol spray. To effectively get rid of spiders, adhere to the steps below.

Clear the Clutter Around the Spider

The spider will undoubtedly try to flee once it senses and realizes that you are trying to get rid of it. Spiders are nimble insects that, when they sense your approach, will typically hide in dark spaces like the crevices of boxes, sofas, or other furniture.

In order to give the spider the best chance of escaping, you should ideally clear the path and ensure that it has a large exit.

Spray in the Direction Opposite to the Exit Path

After clearing the area around the spider, slowly move in the opposite direction of the exit path you created for the spider. Next, spray in a flow rather than a long, continuous stream from a close distance away from the spider.

Use the spray to dissuade the spider from trying to flee in other directions and to direct it toward the door.

Discouraging Spiders from Coming

You can apply salt or lemon juice to the area where you first saw the spiders after they have left. That ought to deter them from going there.


Do All Types of Lysol Kill Spiders?

Lysol is a registered trademark, similar to Dettol, but it does not refer to any specific chemical solution. Similar to how Lysol is associated with a brownish-colored solution, Dettol is.

There are wipes, bleaches, antiseptic sprays, and solutions for cleaning clothes in the Lysol line. Are all Lysol products effective at killing spiders, then? No, you must use Lysol antiseptic spray. Other products won't work and almost certainly won't succeed in killing spiders.

It's intriguing to learn that spider eggs can be effectively wiped out by Lysol. The alcohol content is very high, which is why. As a result, it is now crystal clear whether Lysol kills spiders or not.

Do Spiders Dislike Lysol?

Due to their capacity to detect traces of various sprayed substances, spiders are among those insects that are extremely sensitive to scents. Spiders avoid areas with the aromas of peppermint, citrus fruits, and even salt, as you will notice.

Spiders avoid areas with traces of these substances because they don't like them.

However, Lysol is a disinfectant spray that mostly consists of chemicals that spiders may or may not dislike. Furthermore, no actual studies or experiments testing spider behavior in areas treated with Lysol have been carried out as of yet.

How Do I Spider-proof My House?

Despite the fact that spiders are not dangerous insects and shouldn't be hurt unless absolutely necessary, many of us find these eight-legged beings unsettling to look at. Due to arachnophobia, some of us might not want them to stay around our homes.

Below are some effective ways of spider proofing your house:

Will Lysol Kill Spiders

Using Scented Oils Or Liquids

We can surround our rooms with smells that spiders can't stand by taking advantage of a spider's keen sense of smell. Fortunately, there are many fragrance-scented products available that not only keep our rooms smelling amazing but also work well to keep spiders out.

Candles made from essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, or eucalyptus work well as air freshener sprays. To keep spiders away, you can also spritz citrus juices like lemon extract.

Weekly Clean Up Unused Rooms

Unused spaces or pieces of furniture make ideal habitats for insects, and spider infestations are no exception. When you return to a place after a while, you frequently find obscene cobwebs hanging in various corners of the space.

These webs are constructed by spiders in areas where few people are present.

In order to combat this, you can set aside time each week to clean out empty rooms, remove spiderwebs, and seal up any openings that might otherwise be used by spiders.

Surround the Perimeter With Insecticide

You can purchase a spider repellent or insecticide from the general store to make sure no spiders enter your home from the outside. Spray the substance six inches or so from the exterior of your home after filling a pump sprayer with it.

What Scent Repels Spiders?

It should not be advised to use chemical insecticides to control spiders if there are young children or pets present in the home. There are some scents that deter spiders instead of chemical-based ones, which are hazardous to humans and the environment.

Ground Chestnuts

Chestnuts are among the items that surprisingly work well to deter spiders. The National Center for Biotechnology Information's experiment revealed, according to a study there, that spiders don't like chestnuts. You can crush them into smaller pieces to release their scent.

Essential Oils

On the counter, spiders don't like the strong, distinctive scents of mint, eucalyptus, and marigold oils. When in close proximity to something, spiders can detect it. Therefore, a surface covered in these oil droplets will keep spiders away.


Many hot peppers, including cayenne peppers, contain capsaicin, a chemical compound, but it works a little differently from other sprayable scents. Essential oils and other liquids can be bottle-sprayed onto surfaces to deter spiders from landing there.

These peppers are harder to use because they can't be made into sprays, though. However, if the peppers are reduced to powder form, they can be sprinkled on top of the surface of various areas to deter spiders.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruit's raw skin is rarely successful at deterring spiders, but their extracts or essential oils do a great job. To coat surfaces with an anti-spider coating, use lemon extract or citrus essential oils as sprays.

What Terminates Spiders Instantly?

The presence of spiders in your home can draw larger, venomous predators even though they are typically not life-threatening in and of themselves. There are several efficient techniques for quickly getting rid of spiders.

Some of them require both physical labor and the use of chemicals, but they are all guaranteed to work.

You can choose to use a broom or even a shoe to squash a spider, but you must get close to it without startling it. Spraying a potent insecticide on the spider is another method for getting rid of it.

What is the Best Spider Deterrent?

When it comes to the best spider deterrent, the clear winner is professional insecticides due to their quick and effective functionality. White vinegar, however, is a strong contender if you'd rather use something homemade and much more environmentally friendly.

To effectively repel spiders, combine vinegar and water in equal parts to create a sprayable solution. Because vinegar is not only safe but also less expensive than professional insecticides, many people believe it to be the best deterrent.

Will Lysol Kill Spiders

How to Prevent Spider Webs?

The best way to avoid creating spider webs is to keep spiders at bay. You won't have to deal with spider webs if spiders are deterred from making your home their home.

Spiders enjoy building their webs in hidden spaces where they can weave without being disturbed. They can be impeded by making sure that every room in your house has adequate natural lighting.

Spiders enjoy messy, disorganized areas, as we previously stated. So dust regularly. Vacuum regularly, getting rid of spider eggs, nymphs, and webs, and this will discourage spiders from making more webs in your home. They must relocate to a new location.

You can also use spider repellent sprays around your house. Ones like Kate's Garden and Zero In are examples. They are simple to purchase on Amazon and don't just ward off spiders. They also keep insects, such as ants and bugs, away.

Final Thoughts

Lysol can be used to deter spiders because it is poisonous to them. Spiders that are sprayed with Lysol will not be instantly destroyed; instead, they will flee and slowly die. They don't completely get rid of spiders right away because they weren't made to be an insecticide or a repellent, but they can scare them away.

We've outlined and described some of the better ways to get rid of spiders in your home or prevent them from coming inside. Some of the supplies you'll need are already in your kitchen, and others aren't very expensive.