Do Mothballs Keep Spiders Away - How to Use Moth Balls

Written by Ivy

Jan 30 2023

Do Mothballs Keep Spiders Away - How to Use Moth Balls

Although mothballs are well known for their ability to kill moths, their eggs, and their larvae, they also work well to deter mice, snakes, and spiders. Because mothballs are a pesticide that evaporates into the air and is inhaled by you, pets, children, and other family members, you should exercise caution when using them as spider repellents. You can deter spiders for up to six months by placing mothballs in the proper location.

Mothballs work well as a spider deterrent. Spiders detest the smell of naphthalene, the primary component of mothballs. Therefore, you can use mothballs to deter spiders from entering your house or apartment. However, if you have children at home, you should be aware of the negative effects of mothballs.

Are you unsure if you ought to use mothballs? After reading this article, you won't be confused about which direction to take.

Effectiveness of Using Mothballs to Keep Spiders Away

Before going further into the topic, let's start by providing an answer to the question.

Yes, mothballs effectively deter spiders and will do so.

You must use the proper mothballs and place them in areas where spiders will spend a lot of time if you want to prevent infestations.

If you're serious about permanently getting rid of spiders, this is one of the better options that will be available to you.

This straightforward solution will work just as well as any other and be more reasonably priced.

How Do Mothballs Keep Spiders Away?

Mothballs emit a scent that will conflict with the spider's natural instincts. As a result, the spiders will be moving away from the mothballs because they do not want to be anywhere near them.

This is a typical response that pests have when confronted with mothballs and it is natural.


How to Use Naphthalene Safely to Repel Spiders?

Find the spider breeding grounds in your home. Spiders frequently congregate in crevices, holes, and shadowy areas.

Choose now the areas in the house where no one usually goes. For instance, you won't squeeze through a wall crack. Put two or three mothballs in each area, and the spiders should disappear shortly.

When handling the placement of the mothballs, attempt to wear gloves and a mask. It will make sure you are protected from naphthalene's negative effects.

Benefits of Using Mothballs

1. Fast

The effectiveness of mothballs will depend greatly on how quickly they take effect. Never allow the problem to persist for too long; that gives the spiders more than enough time to disperse throughout the house.

It's critical to deal with an infestation like this while also making sure that you don't cause additional issues in the future by being careless.

Take your time and try to be as quick as you can. In the grand scheme of things, this will significantly alter the situation.

2. Easy to Set Up

One of the small details that will have an impact down the road is how things are set up. You must exercise caution and ensure that everything is set up so that no risks are taken.

The spiders may continue to spread and you may not be able to control things if you don't take the time to set everything up.

You can control the situation by using mothballs, and it doesn't take long to set them up around the house.

3. Safe for Humans

In situations like this, humans must maintain their safety. If you don't, you'll be putting your health in danger, and nobody wants to deal with that.

Keep things as straightforward as you can, and make sure the solution you choose is as secure as you can.

This is how you'll know the solution won't be harmful and will be in your best interests.

An option that will guarantee the home is free of spiders and benefit the occupants is one that is safe. Here is where the balancing act must begin.


Is the Smell of Mothballs Harmful to Babies?

Naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, which are toxic to infants and animals, are typically found in mothballs. According to medical professionals, babies who inhale the smell of mothballs may suffer serious health consequences. Even brain damage can result from them.

Thus, I advise against using mothballs to ward off spiders if you have children or pets in your house. There are numerous other risk-free methods you can use to get rid of spiders. Wasp spray, for example, can be used to deter spiders. To learn about additional approaches, scroll down.

Other Ways to Repel Spiders

These additional techniques are very effective at preventing spiders from entering the house. They will be divided into two categories: natural and commercial. Let's discuss how to ward off spiders.

Natural Spider Repellent: Essential Oils

One of the most effective and secure ways to keep spiders away is to use essential oils. It functions as a natural spider deterrent. To keep spiders away, mix some vinegar with essential oils.

The most effective and secure essential oil to ward off spiders is peppermint oil. Combine a small amount of vinegar, water, and peppermint oil. Spray the mixture on spiders to scare them away after putting it in a spray bottle.

You can also use other essential oils, like citrus, lavender, or lemon oil. But if you want to know how to get rid of spiders quickly and easily, I'll advise you to buy a spider killer.

Spider Killers

The best spider killer on the market is Miss Muffet's Revenge Indoor and Outdoor Spider Killer. Hobo spiders, brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, and all other household spiders can all be eliminated with its assistance. Within a short period of time, the task will be completed if the product is sprayed directly on the spiders.

What Insects Do Mothballs Keep Away?

The most popular cloth moth repellent is mothballs. It effectively repels moths with its chemicals. For many years, people have used mothballs in wardrobes and between clothing.

Mothballs also deter spiders and roaches. Businesses frequently assert that their mothballs help to keep different insects at bay. But this assertion is typically untrue. Except for a few smaller pests, mothballs are useless for pest control.


Final Thoughts on Keepings Spiders Away

When you are taking the time to learn how to use mothballs to keep spiders away, make sure to position the mothballs in a way so they are going to be right in front of the spiders.

As a result, you won't want to just throw them in and hope for the best.

Instead, you want to place them through important entry points and/or in places where spiders are happy to spend time during the day or night.


How Long Does a Mothball Last?

Within four to six weeks, mothballs may begin to break down. The mothballs might need to be replaced after three to six months or longer because they will completely dissolve. They can, however, last longer than six months when kept in an airtight container.

What Happens If You Touch Mothballs?

Human skin may be harmed by the toxic chemicals in mothballs. You shouldn't approach them with bare hands because of this. Wash your hands right away after, even if you don't.

What Smells Will Keep Spiders Away?

aromas of various essential oils, including citrus, peppermint, lavender, and others., keep spiders away. In order to keep spiders away from the house, prepare a spray solution by mixing a few teaspoons of essential oils with a small amount of water.

Do Natural Spider Repellents Work?

However, only partially do natural spider repellents really work. Natural spider repellents are effective if there is a minimal spider infestation in your home and the spiders are not very large. However, natural spider repellents might not be effective in cases of severe spider infestation.

How to Get Rid of Swollen Spider Bites?

To start cleaning the bitten area, dampen a clean cloth in water and add Savlon/Dettol or soap. Then, to relieve pain and hasten the healing process, apply aloe vera or essential oils. If the condition is severe, seek medical attention.