Simple green lawn care

Written by Joy

Jan 26 2021

Simple green lawn care
The spring and autumn seasons are the proper time to start taking simple green lawn care and renovating your lawn. At this time, the temperature is moderate and the soil temperature is good. Many plants in the south will even have their second growing season after your simple green lawn care. Starting from spring, lawns can be renovated, spraying water and killing weeds, etc.
simple green lawn care

Shave the lawn

Regardless of the current state of the lawn, you should shave it first in the process of a simple green lawn care. Generally, the minimum push lawn mower is about 1 in. This length is sufficient. Everyone remember to hang up the collection bag when mowing the lawn this time so that we can collect all the cut grass.
The lawn in summer is generally longer. If you remember to water regularly, the top of the lawn is green, and the bottom is yellow. If there is no regular watering, it may be all yellow in the middle of summer. At this time, our purpose of shaving the lawn is to save the yellow lawn bottom in summer. You'd better cut off the little green at the top. Although it looks yellow for a few days, after fertilization, the lawn will turn green again from the roots.

Purchase fertilizers

Fertilizers will quickly green the grass (nitrogen), improve the soil (phosphorus), and strengthen the root system (potassium). This product is a granule that can quickly dissolve in water, and the dosage is 3.6lb/1000sqft. When using it, you should find a separate kitchen scale, measure the required product according to its weight, and put it in the spreader, and evenly sprinkle it on the lawn. After that, if it doesn't rain, you are better water the irrigation system for 20 minutes a day. In about 10 days, you will be able to see the reborn green lawn after your simple green lawn care.
If there are a lot of weeds on the lawn, but because the yard is relatively small, there are also alopecia areata. You can choose to fertilize and push Bermuda first, you can cover the alopecia areata, and then fight the weeds. If your yard is almost covered by weeds, you can endure it and wait until the soil temperature drops to about 70F before starting weed control work in winter.


We chose cheaper products that worked well. This product is called Prodiamine. Its effect is to prevent the seeds of weeds from germinating and to kill the weeds in the swaddling! If your home is a newly-purchased house with just planted turf (sod), you'd better wait a year before using this product, so that the turf can grow well first. After measuring the required weight with a kitchen scale for pesticides, you can put these water-soluble particles in a large bucket and dissolve them with water. The qualified friends will pass through a strainer to ensure the smooth spraying in the next step. After that, you ought to transfer the solution into a lawn sprayer and spray it. After spraying, some weeds may grow sporadically in the first year, but with the spraying every spring and autumn, it will grow less and less in the future.