Crassula Portulacea: how to grow and care for jade plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

Crassula Portulacea: how to grow and care for jade plant

Crassula Portulacea, often used as a potted plant, looks really fresh. Its leaves are opposite and usually branched at the stem. Its leaves are green, and a little bit of curve, in the temperature difference is particularly large when the edge of the leaves will turn red, very good-looking. Crassula Portulacea is favored by many caregivers, many of whom like to plant a plant in the middle of the sun at home to add a little bit of vitality to their lives. But when we grow and care for Crassula Portulacea, many people found that Crassula Portulacea was growing slowly. How to grow and care for Crassula Portulacea? Let's learn together.

1. Soil care for growing Crassula Portulacea

When selecting the soil to use, some rotting leaves can be mixed with the soil, and a little river sand can be added to the soil culture. This ensures that the soil is particularly fertile and that the Crassula portulacea planted in it can grow faster. When we grow and care for Crassula Portulacea, keep the soil relatively loose, drainage also wants to be better. This prevents the pot from storing too much water when watering, leading to root rot.

2. Temperature care for growing Crassula Portulacea

Crassula Portulacea generally grows at temperatures between 15 and 32 degrees Celsius, but it is afraid of the heat, so it goes dormant when summer temperatures exceed 33 degrees Celsius. It is also particularly afraid of cold and frost, so even in winter, the general temperature needs to be kept above 10 degrees, and if the temperature drops below 7 degrees in winter, it will enter a dormant state, and if the ambient temperature is close to 4 degrees, it will easily die because of frostbite.

3. Light care for growing Crassula Portulacea

Crassula Portulacea likes to be exposed to light, so if the sun isn't too strong, it can rot and cause leaves to fall. But when it's hot in the summer, especially when the sun is too strong, it can be very bad for the plants. When we grow and care for Crassula Portulacea in the winter, we should move the pot to the shed, but also in a sunny place, so that the leaves will always be turquoise. It also makes it grow faster.

Crassula Portulacea
Jade Plant - Most Common House Plant

4. Water care for growing Crassula Portulacea

When watering Crassula Portulacea in the spring and fall, it's best to limit it to one or two days, but make sure there's no water in the basin. During the hottest days, especially if the temperature is over 30 degrees, that's when they go dormant, so be sure to control watering. When we grow and care for Crassula Portulacea, apply appropriate shading and cooling, surrounding can also be sprayed, but also pay attention to ventilation. Gradually reduce the frequency of watering during the winter, it is best to keep the pot soil slightly dry, so that it can grow better!

5. Repotting care for growing Crassula Portulacea

Re-pot (spring - summer) when the plant becomes root bound or the soil needs renewing. A good solid and heavy pot is best to use because Jade plants are well known for being top heavy. A heavy pot will prevent them from tipping over.

6. Crassula Portulacea propagation

Propagating is achieved with leaf or stem cuttings which are placed into a soil mix, then wait until they show some growth. Before placing them in soil mix you will prevent potential problems from the sap seeping out by allowing them to dry on a windowsill, for a few days or so.

Crassula Portulacea
Jade plant is one of the plants that can grow in water