Bing Cherry Tree Care & Propagation Guide

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Oct 30 2021

Bing Cherry Tree Care & Propagation Guide
Bing cherry tree is covered with gorgeous flowers in the spring air, filled with intoxicating fragrance, and brings warm and sweet fruits in the early summer sun. Because of its sweet and sour taste and rich nutrition, the bright cherry is loved by people. In recent years, the planting area of Bing cherry tree has also been expanding. As long as it meets various needs for the growth of Bing cherry tree, fruit farmers can grow sweet and high-value Bing cherry.

Bing Cherry Tree Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Prunus avium Bing
Common Name Bing Cherry trees
Varieties Black Tartarian,Tulare,Glenare
Uses Fresh eating, cooking, canning, or freezing
Origin Oregon
Light Care At least six hours of sunlight a day
Soil Care Well-draining soil that is a touch on the sandy side
Temperature Care Between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit
Humidity Care Moist
Watering Water once a week for 30 seconds
Pruning Care Prune in the late summer
Fertilizer Care Low-nitrogen fertilizer such as 5-10-10 or 10-15-15
Propagation Semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings
Toxic Stems, leaves, seeds contain cyanide

Bing Cherry Tree Care in Detail

Bing cherry tree Care & Propagation Guide

Bing Cherry Tree Watering

Bing cherry tree has strong drought tolerance. In most of the year, unless the weather is unusually hot or windy, the growing and stable bing cherry tree can last for several months without watering. However, once Bing cherry tree enters the fruiting period, it is necessary to pay close attention to the changes of soil moisture, Cherries need plenty of water during ripening to produce full and juicy pulp. For the soil around Bing cherry tree in non fruiting period, when the soil at a depth of 5 to 10 cm from the ground starts to dry, use hose or drip irrigation to slowly water the Bing cherry tree as soon as possible, and wrap the drip irrigation line around the trees with thick organic mulch to maintain soil moisture, And irrigate Bing cherry tree in winter and when the weather is particularly dry and windy. Most of the damage to Bing cherry tree in winter is caused by dry soil.

Bing Cherry Tree Soil

Bing cherry tree is suitable for cultivation on sandy soil with deep soil layer, loose soil and good ventilation. If it is cultivated on poorly drained, sticky and hardened soil, it will cause weak tree growth, shallow root distribution, neither drought and flood resistance nor wind resistance. Bing cherry tree is sensitive to soil salinization, so it cannot be cultivated in saline alkali land. The suitable Bing cherry tree soil has good pH 5.6-7.0.

Bing Cherry Tree Light

Bing cherry tree is a light loving tree species. Under good light conditions, Bing cherry tree has strong body, long fruit branch life, full flower buds, high fruit setting rate, early fruit maturity, good coloring and high sugar content. If the light conditions are poor, the peripheral branches of the crown of Bing cherry tree are easy to grow, the branches in the crown are weak, the life of fruit branches is short, the fruit parts move outward, the flower buds are not fully developed, the fruit setting rate is low, the fruit ripens late and the quality is poor.

Bing Cherry Tree Temperature

The daily average temperature of Bing cherry tree during germination is more than 10 ℃. The flowering temperature of Bing cherry tree is above 15 ℃. The fastest growing temperature of new shoots of Bing cherry tree is 20 ℃. The fruit ripens after 50-60 days at 20-25 degrees. Bing cherry tree is vulnerable when the temperature in the bud stage is between minus 5 degrees to minus 1.7 degrees. When the temperature at flowering and young fruit stage is between minus 2.8 and minus 1.1 degrees, it is damaged. Therefore, in the process of planting Bing cherry tree, we need to strengthen the nutrient storage content in cherry tree and take anti freezing measures.

Bing Cherry Tree Humidity

Bing cherry tree humidity control is very important for cherry growth. When planting cherries, water spray can be used to increase the humidity in the air. If the air humidity is low, it will affect the growth of cherries. In case of drought, the growth of Bing cherry tree will even stop, thus affecting the yield of Bing cherry tree. Therefore, when planting Bing cherry tree, it is best to choose a place with plenty of rain in the south, and a river valley with high air humidity in the north. However, during planting, due to the high temperature and large evaporation of water in summer, frequent watering is required to supplement water. At the same time, spraying water mist can improve the humidity of water in the air, which is more conducive to the growth of Bing cherry tree.

Bing Cherry Tree Fertilizer

Fertilizer can provide the nutrition required for the growth of Bing cherry tree, and then promote Bing cherry tree to bear the healthiest and full fruits. Fertilizing in the early spring before the bud burst of Bing cherry tree can timely support the new growth of Bing cherry tree in spring. Soil samples can also be collected to professional laboratories for testing and analysis of soil components, so as to more accurately determine the types and quantities of fertilizers and nutrients to be added to the soil. You can also apply 1 / 8 pound of nitrogen per inch of diameter to the trunk, or put a thin layer of compost on the drip line around the tree. But remember, insufficient fertilizer is better than over fertilization, because over fertilization can lead to fragile branches, excessive leaf growth and reduced flowering and Fruiting of Bing cherry tree.

Bing Cherry Tree Pruning

Since most Bing cherry trees like light, proper pruning is more conducive to the overall acceptance of light. Some of the large Bing cherry trees can reach a height of 9 to 10 meters. These Bing cherry trees need to grow the branches at a narrow angle and reduce the tree height to facilitate management, so it is necessary to prune the trunk tip in time. We can prune every 3-4 years in the dormant months after the leaves of Bing cherry tree fall and before the new leaf buds grow, so as to reduce the broken tips and redundant branches of the trunk, so as to allow light and air to reach the interior of the tree. Good air circulation can well regulate the flowering and defoliation of Bing cherry tree and effectively inhibit Brown rot.

Bing Cherry Tree Repotting

During the repotting of Bing cherry tree, when the plants of Bing cherry tree grow day by day, the roots gradually fill the whole basin, and the extended roots grow along the basin wall to form a dense layer of root circle. The failure to conduct Bing cherry tree repotting at this time will lead to the lack of nutrients in the basin soil, root aging and affect the growth and development of aboveground plants. Repotting must be carried out in time. First, increase the volume of the container; The second is to repair and update the root system, remove some old roots, promote new roots and enhance the absorption capacity of the root system; Third, take the opportunity to replace some nutrient soil and improve the nutrient composition of basin soil.
Bing cherry tree repotting shall be carried out after falling leaves in autumn or before budding in early spring of the next year. The roots damaged by Bing cherry tree repotting in autumn still have a period of time to recover before winter. When the basin is changed in early spring, the balance between the upper part and the lower part will not be greatly damaged. When changing the basin, turn the bamboo piece along the inner wall of the basin to form a gap between the soil mass in the basin and the basin wall, turn the basin upside down, and hold the big cherry plant and soil mass by hand. Because the basin mouth is large at the top and small at the bottom, the plants and soil mass are dumped out under the action of gravity. At this time, use a sharp knife to cut off the old basin soil about 2-3cm thick and dense roots around the soil mass. The new basin shall be soaked in clean water, some twigs (or hair) shall be blocked at the drainage hole at the basin bottom, the base fertilizer shall be applied, and then the plant and soil mass shall be put into the new basin. New nutrient soil shall be filled around the basin, filled and pressed at the same time, so that the soil is closely connected with the root group, and then watered once again.
Bing cherry tree repotting and pruning are generally carried out once every 2-3 years, so that the nutrition of basin soil can be supplemented frequently. The old roots of Bing cherry tree repotting are eliminated in time, and there are more and more new roots. The purpose of Bing cherry tree repotting is to comprehensively renew and rejuvenate the whole plant.

Bing Cherry Tree Pest & Disease Control

A variety of pests can attack Bing cherry tree, including aphids, peach tree borers, green fruit flies and common fruit flies. In the wet season, the humid climate can provide opportunities for the growth and reproduction of fungi, viruses and bacteria, resulting in diseases of Bing cherry tree, such as Fusarium wilt, leaf curl and brown rot. But most of the diseases can be controlled by spraying Bing Cherry Tree two to three times of copper sulphate spray. We also need to remove any infected branches or fruits in time when Bing Cherry Tree is ill, so as to prevent the disease from happening again. For the prevention and control of borehole borers, we can use white emulsion paint mixed with the same amount of water to dilute and then apply it on the trunk.

Bing Cherry Tree Propagation

Bing cherry tree Care & Propagation Guide

Bing Cherry Tree Cutting Propagation

This plant can be propagated through the Bing cherry tree cutting propagation. We'd better choose annual semi lignified branches when we are in the Bing cherry tree cutting propagation. Such branches have better activity and are easier to survive after cutting. We should not choose too fine branches when selecting branches. Such branches are not very strong in nutrients and moisture. After Bing cherry tree cutting propagation, it is easy to die. Therefore, we should ensure that the cutting is in a well drained matrix, and keep the matrix slightly wet to take root.
Bing cherry tree cutting propagation can be carried out in spring and autumn. For Bing cherry tree cutting propagation in spring, the annual lignified healthy branches of cherry trees after falling leaves in the previous year are generally selected, cut into about 18 cm, and a bundle of 50 ~ 100 roots are stored in wet sand for cutting in March of the coming year. We should soak the cuttings in rooting powder solution for a period of time before Bing cherry tree cutting propagation, which is conducive to rapid rooting.
In the nursery of Bing cherry tree, we should select the plots with good permeability and loose soil, apply enough base fertilizer to maintain moisture, and cut the soaked cuttings. Generally, 2 / 3 of the cuttings are inserted into the soil, and the aboveground part of the cuttings should preferably have about 2 buds, which is conducive to germination and growth. Generally, the cuttings will sprout and grow two weeks after Bing cherry tree cutting propagation. (Find more healthy fruit here.)
In autumn, 1 ~ 2 healthy branches are generally selected for Bing cherry tree cutting propagation, which are cut into about 20cm. Several leaves should be reserved for photosynthesis. We can subtract 2 / 3 of the leaves before cutting to reduce water transpiration.
After Bing cherry tree cutting propagation, we should keep the soil moist and avoid drought. If possible, a sunshade can be set up in the nursery to avoid water loss of cuttings caused by sun exposure and maintain soil moisture. After the previous cuttings survive, we should carry out full irrigation, and timely carry out intertillage to loosen the soil to maintain soil moisture. In the later stage, we can carry out regular irrigation according to the soil conditions. About three weeks after the cuttings survive, top dressing shall be carried out when the new buds of cuttings grow to twice the cuttings. If the base fertilizer is applied sufficiently in the early stage, the topdressing can be reduced appropriately in the later stage. If the base fertilizer is insufficient in the early stage, we should appropriately increase the amount of topdressing in the later stage. Generally, about 7 kg of urea is topdressing per mu, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is topdressing in the later stage.

Bing Cherry Tree Sowing Propagation

First of all, we need to obtain healthy and full organic cherry seeds. We only need to eat some cherries to obtain natural fruit stones. Then, soak these cherry stones in warm water for 5 minutes. We need to clean up all the pulp residues on the stones.
After that, we need to prepare some paper towels and lay them on the table to continue the Bing cherry tree singing promotion. Put the cleaned and soaked cherry stones in a well ventilated and warm place and dry them for 3 ~ 5 days. After the stones are dry, we need to put the stones into a clean container with a lid. There should be no water in it, Then put the sealed bottle in the refrigerator for about 10 weeks.
Why store the nuts of Bing cherry tree singing propagation in the refrigerator for 10 weeks? Because cherry kernels need to go through a cold period of dormancy before they can germinate. Cherry kernels in the natural environment can germinate in spring after cold winter. We put the Bing cherry tree singing propagation nuts in the refrigerator to simulate the cold winter, and we can sow and reproduce after 10 weeks.
After 10 weeks, take out the Bing cherry tree core, and then put it in the normal temperature environment. The container for sowing should be smaller and well drained. The soil should be loose, breathable and well drained to avoid ponding in the basin. The small container is easy to cultivate and avoid rotten roots.
If we want the cherry kernel to germinate and take root as soon as possible, you also need to prepare a pair of pliers to remove the shell of the cherry kernel, expose the white germ inside, and plant the germ in the soil, so as to germinate faster. We can also directly put the Bing cherry tree core under the soil, and then pour it into the water after shallow burial. During the maintenance period, the soil can be kept slightly moist and can be placed on the windowsill in a ventilated and bright place.
We can also put multiple nuts in a small container. After the seedlings grow to 2 ~ 3cm, we can remove some weak seedlings and let the strong seedlings grow in a small basin.
After the seedlings grow, they should be placed in a place with sufficient sunshine until the frost outside is over. After it is warm, they can be placed outside for maintenance, which is more conducive to the growth of cherry seedlings, and then the amount of watering can be appropriately reduced. If we want to plant Bing cherry tree in the ground in the later stage, each tree needs to be 6 meters away to avoid planting too dense. The growth of Bing cherry tree requires regular fertilization. In the early stage of regrowth, it is mainly to promote the growth of branches and leaves. In the early stage, it is mainly low nitrogen fertilizer.

Bing Cherry Tree Benefits

Bing cherry tree fruit can resist anemia and promote blood production. Cherry has high iron content, ranking first among all kinds of fruits. Iron is the raw material for the synthesis of human hemoglobin and myoglobin. It plays an important role in the process of human immunity, protein synthesis and energy metabolism. At the same time, it is also closely related to brain and nerve function and aging process. Eating Bing cherry regularly can supplement the body's demand for iron and promote hemoglobin regeneration. It can not only prevent iron deficiency anemia, but also enhance physique, brain and intelligence.
Drinking cherry juice can prevent measles and hemp infection. Bing cherry nucleus has the effect of sweating, rash penetration and detoxification.
Bing cherry is warm in nature and has the function of Tonifying the middle and supplementing qi. It can dispel wind and dehumidification, and has a good effect on rheumatic waist and leg pain. Bing cherry tree roots also have strong insect repellent and insecticidal effects, which can drive Ascaris, pinworm, tapeworm, etc.

Bing Cherry Tree Care FAQs

When to plant Bing cherry tree?

The best time for planting Bing cherry tree is in autumn. It is a good time for planting from October to November in autumn. Compared with spring, the environment in autumn is more suitable for planting, because the temperature in spring is not particularly stable. If the planting time of Bing cherry tree is early, it is easy to freeze to death. If it is late, it is not conducive to the development of seedlings. Planting in autumn is conducive to slow seedling growth. The seedlings of Bing cherry tree are easier to survive and can be transplanted in the next spring.

What does a full grown bing cherry tree look like?

Full growth Bing cherry tree is a small deciduous tree with a height of 8m. The leaf blade is oval in shape, about 7-12cm long, a little sharp at the apex and serrated at the edge. The flower color of full growth Bing cherry tree is white, with a diameter of about 1.5-2.5cm. The fruit is almost round and red in appearance.
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