Tips for growing flowers in winter

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

Tips for growing flowers in winter

To better keep good flowers planted in winter, generally we need to control the suitable temperature, reasonable light, fertilization, increase humidity, clean and leaf area. A  lot of plants are in dormancy or half dormancy state in winter. At this time, it is better to apply optimum calibrate cold processing, in order to avoid the water freezes.

Flower growing in Winter Picture

Tips for growing flowers in winter

1. Temperature control of growing flowers in winter

If you want to raise more beautiful flowers in winter, it is better to grasp some skills. Apply thermal insulation according to the different flowers' growth habits, such as Chinese rose, honeysuckle are dormant during the winter. We should control the temperature in the 5 ℃ above, or some milan, jasmine, gardenia, etc to ensure the temperature in winter is more than 15 ℃ to normal growth, in order to avoid the water freezes.

2, Reasonable light of growing flowers in winter

For some light-like plants, because the light in winter is very weak, it is best to carry out artificial light treatment in winter, such as some cyclamen, camellia, clivia and other flowers. If it is some shade tolerant plant, common ivy is generally placed in the indoor scattered sunlight, but also to strengthen the circulation of the air.

3. Fertilize flowers rationally in winter

Due to the cold weather in winter, a lot of plants grow slowly, the demand for nutrients becomes smaller at this time. It is best to fertilize in winter according to the fertilizer requirements of different flowers and plants, and we should reduce the number of fertilization or apply thin fertilizer. It is also appropriate to add a small amount of culture medium, some plants that do not need to fertilize can be safe over the winter.

Tips for growing flowers in winter

4, Increase the humidity when farming flowers in winter

As a result of the winter climate being drier, most flowers and plants are put in indoor greenhouses. If you want flowers to grow luxuriant, it’s better to spray periphery irregularly water. In order to increase circumferential air humidity, we can choose foliar spray method or plastic baggie method to undertake, in order to be helpful for the growth and development of the plant.

5, Cleaning leaf surface when breeding flowers in winter

Because in winter, most flowers and plants are placed in the closed indoor environment, it is easy to cause dust on plant leaves, which not only affects the appearance but also goes against the growth of plants. It is best to wipe the leaves with wet cloth periodically to keep the leaves clean, which can also promote the photosynthesis of leaves.

Tips for growing flowers in winter