How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants?

Written by Ivy

Dec 06 2021

How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants?
Aloe is a common potted plant in the family, which is deeply loved by people because of its wide range of uses. Aloe has many functions. It can not only beautify and cook, but also sterilize and absorb toxic gases. So many families have a pot.
Aloe is a drought resistant plant. The watering method of aloe is complex because it is afraid of ponding. If it is watered too much, its roots will rot, and its fleshy leaves will rot and turn yellow, resulting in unhealthy. If it is not watered for a long time, it will affect Aloe's growth, leading to its leaves will be dry, the leaves will not be plump, and the meat will be shriveled. So how often we water aloe and how we water aloe are very important.
How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants

Signs Your Aloe Is Not Getting Enough Water

  • Withered leaves
If aloe lacks water, the leaves of the plant will become thinner. If the leaves have become shriveled, it shows that aloe is very short of water. At this time, it is very easy to identify. Therefore, once this phenomenon is found in the plant, water the plant as soon as possible.
  • Soil drying
The growth period of aloe needs water supply. If the soil becomes dry, it is proved that the plant should be watered at this time, so that the roots of aloe can absorb water from the soil for plant growth. At this time, water can be given once every four days.
  • Yellow leaves
When cultivating this kind of aloe, if we find that some leaves turn yellow and fall off, it also shows that aloe is particularly short of water. We should not place it in a place with strong sunlight to prevent too strong sunlight from accelerating the loss of soil water in the basin and having a bad impact on the growth of the plant itself.

When To Water Aloe Plants

We usually water aloe in the early morning and evening, trying to avoid the hottest time at noon. However, winter is special, because the overall temperature of aloe plants is low, so we should choose to water aloe at noon.
How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants

How To Water An Aloe Plant

Aloe doesn't have too much requirements for water. It won't matter if we don't pour it for a long time. We can wait until the soil is dry before supplying water. If we don't do it, we don't need water for the time being. For the water quality of aloe, we'd better choose well water or rainwater. We can also use tap water after drying. When pouring, we must pay attention to that we can't pour it directly onto the leaves of aloe from above, but we need to slowly feed water from the side. After watering aloe, we can loosen the soil properly, which can help to grow new roots.

How Often to Water Aloe Vera in the Spring

In spring, it's best to water in the morning. We can water aloe once every five to a week. If it rains, we can adjust its watering interval appropriately.

How Often to Water Aloe Vera in the Summer

In summer, the surrounding temperature is relatively high and the evaporation rate of water is relatively fast. At this time, watering is more frequent than incoming water. It's best for us to water aloe in summer at night, and we must pay attention not to water it in the morning, otherwise aloe plants are easy to be burned. It's OK to water aloe every two or three days.

How Often to Water Aloe Vera in the Autumn

The frequency of watering aloe in autumn and spring is similar. At this time, we can see that the basin soil is slightly dry before watering. To avoid excessive watering leading to ponding in the basin soil, we also water aloe every five to one week.

How Often to Water Aloe Vera in the Winter

In winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the interval between watering can be slightly longer. Aloe is not cold resistant. It can be watered once in about half a month to 20 days. When watering, it can be watered at noon when the surrounding temperature is relatively high, so as to avoid frostbite of aloe caused by too low temperature.
How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants

How Much to Water Aloe Vera

The amount of water we water aloe is also very key, because it belongs to fleshy root and can not stand the wet environment, so the amount of water should not be too much, and it can be watered thoroughly.

Aloe Plant Watering Tips

Prevent ponding in aloe leaf core

Presumably, many friends will see a lot of dust or dirt on the plant leaves when maintaining aloe, so when watering, they will directly pour clean water on the aloe leaves, which will lead to ponding in the aloe leaf core, especially in hot summer, it is easy to have rotten roots and lodging. It is suggested that when maintaining aloe, water is generally poured directly into the pot soil.

Avoid direct light

When maintaining aloe, many friends will put the potted plants in a place with good daylighting. In summer, the light is too strong, and the plant leaves are prone to yellowing or blackening. Therefore, at noon, they thought that aloe was short of water, so they would pour cold water directly into the flower pot of aloe, and finally the plant rotten roots.
When maintaining aloe vera in summer, we should try to place the potted plants where there is scattered light, but avoid direct sunlight exposure. When watering Aloe, try to choose a cool morning or afternoon. Watering at noon is easy to rot roots.

Avoid using non fermented fertilizer

When many friends raise aloe at home, they will also easily pour some domestic wastewater directly into the flower pot of aloe, such as residual tea and rice washing water. In summer, the bacteria reproduce rapidly. Pouring these domestic wastewater directly into the flower pot will cause secondary fermentation, resulting in rotten roots or leaf hydration of plants.
When people use domestic wastewater to irrigate aloe, they should go through full fermentation as far as possible, then add clean water, dilute it according to the ratio of 1:10, and irrigate it into the flower pot of aloe, which can play the role of replenishing water and fertilizer.
How Often Do You Water Aloe Plants

Does Aloe Need Watering Immediately After Repotting?

After the aloe repot, we should not water it immediately. First of all, aloe itself has a lot of water, and the absorption capacity of its root system has not been restored after the pot is moved. If we water it immediately, it is easy to cause rotten roots. Generally, water aloe after 3-5 days to adapt to the new growth environment.
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