Windmill Palm Tree Care & Growing Guide

Written by Maggie

Nov 18 2022

Windmill Palm Tree Care & Growing Guide

The Windmill Palm tree is one of the hardiest species and can survive extreme cold temperature conditions without serious damage. At the same time, Windmill Palm is evergreen and tall all year round, which is very popular among gardeners. Today, we will introduce to you how to grow and care for Windmill Palm trees.

Windmill Palm Tree Soil Care

Most Windmill Palm plants prefer humus-rich acidic soils, especially Windmill Palm gardens native to tropical rainforest areas. When we grow and care for windmill palm, if the topsoil is sandy loam, a layer of loose clay in the subsoil is ideal and it's great for the growth speed of Windmill Palm.

Windmill Palm Tree Humidity Care

Most windmill palm plants are very sensitive to relative humidity. When we grow and care for windmill palm, tropical windmill palm plants will fail to grow when the relative humidity is low, while desert windmill palm plants are prone to rot and die when the relative humidity is high.

Windmill Palm Tree Temperature Care

Most windmill palm plants are native to tropical and subtropical areas. The normal growth temperature is 22-30 ℃. When we grow and care for windmill palm, if the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, they will go into a dormancy state. However, there are fewer varieties with strong adaptability, such as Windmill Palm, which can withstand -15℃ low temperature, and European dwarf palm, which has strong cold resistance.

Windmill Palm Tree Lighting Care

When we grow and care for Windmill Palm, it should avoid hot sun exposure in indoor furnishings.

Windmill Palm Tree Fertilizer Care

In addition to the next foot when transplanting base fertilizer, seedlings every 1-2 months top dressing a organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer. Large seedlings are often transplanted after the seedlings survive, in the growth season, it can be all kinds of organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer. When the temperature drops in Mid-Autumn, less nitrogen fertilizer. When we grow and care for windmill palm, fertilization should be stopped when the temperature is below 15℃, so as not to cause the growth of new leaves to meet low temperature and suffer from cold damage.

care for Windmill Palm trees

Windmill Palm Tree Watering

Windmill palm trees like a wet environment, so it is very important to water, but don't overwater, especially don't water, otherwise it will easily lead to root rot of Windmill palm. When we grow and care for a windmill palm, it can be watered once a week or so, the summer temperature is high, can be appropriate to increase the frequency of watering, watering once a day is also possible. Winter plant growth is slow, can be appropriate to increase the watering cycle, can be watered 10 days or so.

Windmill Palm Tree Pruning

When planting or transplanting windmill palm plants, especially large seedlings, in order to reduce the evaporation of plants and improve the survival rate, some leaves should be cut off, leaving only 3-5 leaves, or even 1-2 heart leaves, and the rest should be cut off. However, it takes a long time to restore the complete crown, usually 2-3 years. When we grow and care for windmill palm, if we want to quickly play the effect of green layout, you can not cut leaves, but to take rehydration measures after planting, or wrapped with a straw tree trunk or shed shade, and every morning, middle and late to spray water.

Repotting Windmill Palm Tree

They are usually replaced every 2-3 years in the spring. When changing the basin, we should pay attention to apply some organic fertilizer as bottom fertilizer in the basin bottom, at the same time should be newly filled into the basin soil compaction. When we grow and care for the windmill palm after changing the basin, it must be poured permeably, and put the basin in the shade, after a week it can be moved to a sunny place for conservation.

Windmill Palm Tree Care in Winter

In the north of the Yellow River, it should be moved into the greenhouse before the frost, and moved out of the greenhouse after the grain rain. When we grow and care for windmill palm, the room temperature should be kept at 7~10℃, not too high, or the leaves will turn yellow. In areas south of the Yellow River, even the basin can be buried in the open soil, and the surface of the basin is covered with soil about 20 centimeters to avoid frostbite root system. Immediately after burying irrigation a flood.  

Windmill Palm Tree Propagation

Windmill palm is mostly propagated by sowing and can be self-propagated in its origin. In winter fruit ripe, even ear cut, dry after thresh, with the harvest with sowing, or choose high dry place mixing sand storage. Spring sowing should be early, before sowing, soak in 60 ~ 70℃ warm water for one day and night to accelerate germination, drill sowing, sowing amount of 750 ~ 1000 kg/ha, seed germination is slow, deep basin soil, good water retention effect, conducive to germination, seedling growth is slow, sheltered place maintenance or appropriate shading. Plant spacing in the basin is 3cm, the thickness of the seed soil is 3cm, and water is poured every 2 to 3 days. Buckle another flowerpot half cover shape, about 40 days can germinate, then remove buckle basin, weeding in time at seedling stage, loose soil, strengthen fertilizer and water management. The windmill palm grows slowly at the beginning. The height of the seedling is only 3cm in the current year.  The bed is left in the next year, and the plant is grown in the third year.

care for Windmill Palm trees

How Are Windmill Palms Used?

The robust fiber of the leaves has long been used to weave cloth and ropes in regions where windmill palms naturally occur, such as the tropical forests of China, Japan, and India. The windmill palm tree is primarily used as decoration outside of its natural habitat. In temperate regions like North America and Europe, windmill palms are frequently used to add a tropical feel to gardens and parks because they are among the hardiest palm trees.

Flowers and Fruits of the Windmill Palm Tree

The windmill palm is dioecious, which means that it has male and female versions. Early in the summer, male windmill palms produce enormous plumes of yellow blooms, while female plants produce greenish flowers and later in the season, bluish-black, inedible fruits that are about half an inch in diameter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Do They Get?

They can reach heights of up to 40 feet, but the majority are in the 10 to 20-foot range.

How Fast Do They Grow?

Less than 8 inches of windmill palm growth occur annually.

Do They Need Full Sun?

Actually, windmill palm trees prefer partial shade to full sun.

What Do You Feed Them?

One option is to use a slow-release fertilizer made especially for palm trees.