How Much Does A Palm Tree Cost - (2023 Price Guide)

Written by Ivy

Dec 15 2022

How Much Does A Palm Tree Cost -  (2023 Price Guide)

Palm trees can cost between $20 and $2,000 depending on the species, size, age, and popularity.

If you intend to purchase multiple palm trees, the price may end up being quite high. Before buying any palm trees, decide on a spending limit and do some price comparisons. What kinds of palm trees are there, how much do they cost, how long do they take to grow, and do they all produce dates as fruit? Let's answer each of these queries individually.

How Much Do Palm Trees Cost?

The cost of palm trees varies and depends on a number of variables. A smaller palm will cost much less to purchase than a larger, more mature palm. In order to give you an idea of what to expect to pay, we looked at various online stores and compiled a detailed estimate of the costs for a number of popular species and sizes of palm trees.

Chinese Windmill Palm

The typical price range for a Chinese Palm is $60–$66.

A particular variety of indoor palm tree known as the Chinese palm is distinguished by its exquisite leathery leaves. A Chinese Palm can grow to a height of 15 to 17 feet once it is fully mature, despite having a slower growth rate than other types of palm trees.

Although Chinese Palms that are still immature can even survive in the shade, they grow most quickly in areas with the most sunlight.

Many gardeners and gardening enthusiasts agree that Chinese Palms benefit from a light fertilizer applied toward the end of spring and summer.

Bottle Palms

Bottle palms require well-draining soil and at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. The Bottle Palm only produces four to six fronds, each with a single set of arched, feather-shaped leaves. Because of this, it won't compete for space, which makes it a great choice for smaller garden beds. Because it grows slowly and has a shallow, small root ball, the Bottle Palm does not require frequent repotting. It also grows just as well in a pot as it does in the ground.

You can expect to pay about $99.95 for a 3-gallon Bottle Palm.

Windmill Palm

Because it can grow outside of tropical climates and is one of the most hardy palms available, the Windmill Palm is well-liked. Additionally, it is a low-maintenance tree that resists pests. It has symmetrical, fan-shaped fronds that can spread to a width of 6 to 10 feet and look lovely in any garden.

You can expect to pay about $99.99 for a 3-gallon Windmill Palm.

Coconut Palm

For fans of coconuts, there are coconut palms. Additionally, you can grow them in containers, and during the colder months, you can bring them indoors. When the palm has two to three feet of gray bark, you can savor tropical coconut flesh or creamy milk. These hardy palms require little maintenance, can withstand extreme heat, and can withstand wind.

You can expect to pay about $79.99 for a 1–2 ft Coconut Palm and $89.99 for a 2–3 ft palm.

Kentia Palm

Typically, the price of a Kentia Palm is between $100 and $400. The palm tree category is pricey.

A foot tall and with enormous leaves, kentia palms can reach great heights. They have small, feather-like leaves that resemble Chinese palms in appearance.

Even though these palms have a very high potential for growth, growth is typically slow and takes years.

You do not need to re-pot your Kentia Palm because of its slow growth rate, but these palms do require a set of frons each year. Additionally, Kentia Palms require daily watering.

Professional advice recommends thoroughly drying the top layer of soil after watering the plant and misting it frequently to raise the humidity level.

Australians also refer to Kentia palms, which are native to that country, as Paradise Palms or Paradise Trees.

Kentia Palms thrive in direct and indi

Queen Palm

Another well-liked palm species is the Queen Palm. It can be used to line driveways and garden edges or as a focal point in your garden. They bear tasty tropical fruit and quickly reach heights of 50 feet. They require little maintenance overall and are pest-resistant.

You can expect to pay about $89.99 for a 2–3 ft Queen Palm and $99.95 for a 3–4 ft palm.

Mexican Fan Palm

Once established, the Mexican Palm can grow up to 3 feet per year. It needs very little care and does well in hotter environments. It's a tall, beautiful palm that will give your yard a tropical feel and draw everyone's attention.

You can expect to pay about $89.99 for a 3-gallon Mexican Fan Palm.

Needle Palm

Because they have the typical tropical appearance and stay relatively small (10 feet), needle palms are ideal for small gardens. It could also be an indoor feature that purifies the air. It is tolerant of the cold and likes both the sun and the shade. It favors moist, drained soil and has built-in pest resistance.

You can expect to pay about $99.99 for a 3-gallon Needle Palm.

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Lady Palm

The evergreen Lady Palm is a great option for indoor living spaces because it can tolerate little sunlight. They are also heat-resistant and act as natural air filters.

You can expect to pay about $169.99 for a 3-gallon Lady Palm and $179.95 for a 1-ft palm.

Diamond Palm

Usually costing $100 or more, Diamond Palms are expensive.

The Diamond Palm can be identified by its enormous leaves. At first, the plant will seem to emerge from the ground right away. It does, however, come with a trunk, but because the trunk is underground, it is mostly concealed below the ground.

In the jungles of Malaysia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries, diamond palms are widely distributed. A lot of the time, they develop in the shadow of larger trees nearby.

Make sure these trees receive enough shade and humidity if you plan to grow them in your formal gardens. The best thing you could do is water it at least once every day as well.

Ponytail Palm

For indoor palms, Ponytail Palms are a popular option. In the summer, they produce lovely little white blooms that reach a height of 6 to 8 feet indoors. They are hardy little palms that do not require much water.

You can expect to pay about $49.99 for a 1-gallon Ponytail Palm and $69.99 for a 3-gallon palm.

Areca Palm

Areca palms make excellent indoor plants because they thrive in pots and low light. USDA zones 9 through 11 are suitable for growing them outside. They serve as natural air filters and require little maintenance.

You can expect to pay about $19.99 for an Areca Palm in a 6-inch pot, $39.99 for a 1-gallon, $59.99 for a 3-gallon, and $69.99 for a 1–2 ft Areca palm.

Palm Trees that have reached over 4 feet can cost around $145–$325. If you are looking for a fully-grown palm tree, it can cost between $600–$2,000.

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Various factors can affect additional costs, once more.

Depending on the size of the palm tree and whether the nursery will be delivering it, some delivery fees may be included when ordering palm trees online. Additionally, keep in mind that delivery costs will be influenced by where you are located. For a minimum purchase, some online retailers offer free shipping. In all other cases, there is a set shipping fee.

Some palms, whether large or small, can be grown in a pot; the type of pot you want will also affect the cost.

The price of trimming your palm trees, which might require a professional, is something you'll need to consider. It can cost, on average, $75 – $1200, depending on size, to have just one palm tree trimmed. Regularly trimmed trees require less work and cost less to maintain; a palm that requires a lot of maintenance requires more time and money.

It's also important to think about how much it will cost to water and, possibly, fertilize your palm trees.

How Long Do Palm Trees Take to Grow?

The species of your palm tree and how well the growing environment is managed will determine how quickly it grows and how long it will live.

A palm tree typically grows between two and three feet per year. On the other hand, some species are born shorter than others and reach a height plateau at 5 feet before moving on to a new developmental stage.


There are many varieties of palm trees available, and the price varies according to the size and species. The price of delivery and the assistance of professional services for maintaining your palm trees must also be taken into account.

You must decide which species are appropriate for your garden plan and growing conditions, how many you want, and what size you want them to be before deciding which palm is best for you. In order to suit your garden design and budget, you can then make a smaller selection.

Palm Tree FAQs

What is the Most Expensive Palm Tree?

Due to its rarity and challenging growth, the coco de mer palm tree is the most expensive palm tree in the world. It is rumored to cost between $300 and $9000.

What is the Cost of Caring for An Outdoor Palm Tree?

The upfront costs of buying a palm tree are only one aspect to take into account, though. You will be responsible for the tree's maintenance after it has been planted.


Pruning and fertilizing your palm tree twice a year are part of palm tree maintenance. Because your palm tree is so small, you might be able to do most of the trimming on your own. However, as the height rises, you'll either need to make an investment in climbing gear or hire a professional.

With additional fees if you need to have more than one tree trimmed, trimming higher palm trees typically costs around $60.

How Much is a 20 Ft Palm Tree Worth

These palms are popular and simple to maintain because they only grow to a maximum height of 20 feet. Your average Triangle Palm will cost $250.

How Long Does a Palm Tree Take to Grow?

The type of tree and its variety have a significant impact on how long it takes a palm tree to grow. Usually, it takes four to six years for a palm tree to mature. However, depending on the kind of tree, it might take a lot longer.

Every palm tree, irrespective of the type you select, go through the following process while maturing completely:

  • Germination
  • Vertical growth
  • Caliper growth
  • Flowering
  • Fruiting
  • Death

A palm tree can grow between two and three feet per year with the right maintenance. But it's important to remember that some palm tree species are still naturally shorter than others.

Let's say you believe your palm tree's growth is being hindered. In that case, you can take a close look at the rate of growth of your chosen species, ask the opinion of knowledgeable arborists or your neighborhood nursery, and work to remove any potential stressors that might be affecting growth.

How Much is a Real Palm Tree

Depending on the species you want, the price of a palm tree will change. Outdoor palms tend to cost more, whereas indoor palms typically cost less. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $800 for a palm tree depending on the species and its size.

What is the Price of a Small Houseplant Palm?


A variety of houseplant palms are available if you don't want to invest in an outdoor palm.

For several years before they need to be moved outdoors, some of the slower-growing outdoor palm species, like Bamboo Palms, can survive indoors.

Other species, on the other hand, can go through their entire life cycle without ever leaving your kitchen or workstation.

What Are the Costs of Removing a Palm Tree?

Your palm may be obstructing the view or you may want to change the landscaping. I'd personally prefer a landscape change around the tree rather than cutting it down.

You might also consider a tree trimming service if the palm is particularly large.

The type and size of the palm determine the cost of removal completely. Other aspects to consider include the tree's height, diameter, health, and proximity to other trees.

While tall palm trees can cost up to $1000 to remove, those that are less than 30 feet tall may only cost $300 to remove.

Remember to plant another palm tree if you decide to get rid of the first one.